Monday, July 14, 2008

Reflections of loneliness , love and boredom ..

(Reflection 1) ... Its 5:50 p.m. , 10 more minutes to pass and the day is over . She grabbed her handbag, went to her friend on the office across the hall, asked her what’s she’s up to this evening? her friend had some family related issue .So her company offer was denied . Smiling at her, she wished her colleague friend a nice evening , and headed to the elevator , back to home ..

(Reflection 2) ... 10:15 p.m. , his friend’s name blinking all over his mobile screen , he picked up the call , his friend asked him if he’s free tonight for their usual late night coffee ,drive and chat session .. he answered in surrender “yeah.. sure”. It was his choice to go out in that routine drive or to not , though , whether this or that , it all had the same taste , nothing really special ..

(Reflection 3)... It was approaching 9:30 when he looked at his watch, he was still in the office , digging between papers , trying to finish that work proposal , he didn’t feel time , it’s not that he enjoys his work to the extent to forget the outer world .. though, his world , inner and outer has became work .. everything seems the same , he felt alone whether between papers or people .

(Reflection 4) ... As the customer reached for his pocket, she asked “VISA or Cash sir ?” he answered VISA , she smiled automatically as he given her the card , she drew the money , gave it back to him , with his bag of purchases and waited for the next . The man , didn’t even bother to eye contact her .But she’s used to that . It’s part of the job, to practice being a talking piece of furniture, whenever required.

(Reflection 5)... The waiter came with the orders tray , she had her lemon mint juice , the girls around her were loud and laughs-full , everybody seemed to have a good time , she seemed to have a good time too , still , she didn’t know why that agitating feeling of nonexistence wrapped her even as she smiled at their jokes .

(Reflection 6) ... It’s almost noon , she has been staring at her computer screen for the past 4 hours , faking work , trying to read her work emails , forming the replies , without any success finishing anything . Her mind is diving somewhere out of this small cubical, somewhere sunny , breezy with a view to clear her tired
eyes , mind and heart . and it wouldn’t harm if she met someone in that breezy sunny place , and it wouldn’t be too bad if it turned out to be the one . she sighed , and went back into staring at her computer screen.

(Reflection 7)...Dancing with the rhythm, his arms twirling her, she gave him big smile and moved along , the second the music changed he nodded his head , and went back to his seat leaving her dancing with another cousin in the wedding ,
giggles and laughs all around , his mother winking him with agreement about that girl , but his mind was away , far away with someone he didn’t meet yet , a lady he imagined to spend his life with , yet , he doesn’t seem to find her , anywhere .