Friday, August 11, 2006

Sometimes .. It's too late

Sometimes , as we walk the course of life , we get too busy or involved with the road , that we no longer notice the signs ,sometimes , we see chances waving for us , but we stand numb and think , should we go and pick it or should we not , we observe it ,we study it from a distance , we analyze it , except when we are ready for it , it would no longer be there , it would have flown away, with no return .

Sometimes we may run into people whom sounded right from the first sight , that we instantly mark them in our minds and hearts , that we feel a mutual connection and bond just right there , yet ,to reach a state of confusion and reluctant-ness after sometime , thinking that we could have jumped into a dream , that we assembled in our meditations.

And sometimes , we meet the right persons , but we let them go , just because reluctant-ness and confusion were the first thing we felt about them , then to our surprise ,as we head towards a better understanding of our feelings towards them , and reach a more comfortable area , it could simply be too late for them , they have waited for you too long ,and you missed the flight to their hearts .

In early years of maturity, the heart is always open for more and more experiences, the youth and freshness, are there to keep the good faith about people around, and to maintain the heart. However, as one grows old into this life, a layer of rustiness and yellowness covers most of the vents to the core of it. It won't be easy to fall in love, mind you believe it's there. Your mind simply occupies a larger piece, and runs your feelings instead of your heart. And its then only then , is when you miss the chance , because you no longer feel , you only see and match , while it takes more to shake the rust off your heart . It may need more time more intensity or simply a different path to tackle those small remaining fresh bits in the pile of rustiness, but it simply would be too late.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

George Galloway & SKY news

Check the link below and view the video to know what I am talking about .

I came across this link , which I believe many of you have seen , and probably many of you share the same idea I had when I finished seeing and hearing this interview .

I simply have to say, I have never seen a man - who is not of an Arab origin- defending our causes the way this man did.

I know that some will probably say, that George Galloway has one been a parliament member in British parliament , so he might be looking for publicity of fame, and this is why he is adopting such causes . whether this is the case or not , this man sounded sincere to the bone in his argument with the SKY news interviewer , he simply said it loud and clear , he spelled out my thoughts , he knew what to say and how to say it .

I urge
you , the ones who have not seen it to check this link , and hear the whole interview , I guarantee you , you will love it !,,31200-galloway_060806,00.html

and for ones who got curious to know more about Galloway , please find below a link to his biography. The man has been an activist in Palestinian and Lebanese causes for a long time .

Monday, August 07, 2006

I admit .. I don't know how to manage my time !

This post is more like a personal thought , I am sure that most of you have came across this in their lives ,but for me this was a first , and I have to say , it has affected me in a way or another in considering some decisions for things in my future .

For the past few weeks, I have been totally immersed in my life, I had to attend a workshop right after my work, add to that the family obligations that used to pope up mostly as long late summer nights visits during the week days, and then the reading that I had to do for the next day , and the usual round on internet that I am accustomed to do just before going to bed. I used to function for almost 16-18 hours a day , which I know now , some of you will go and say , " well, welcome to the real life , a 16 hours is the minimum of our stuffed days !" but I have to say , I am not used to this , my body was acting horribly , my eating habits went over the edge , I had zero concentration , I was not finding time to exercise , and I was always longing for more and more sleep and relaxation . Weekends, were simply wasted on having more sleep just to be barely able to function the very next day . And I had almost zero communication with my friends. Bottom line, I felt like a total wreck !

Mentioning all of the above , I realized that , I have passed through this for a small period of time , yet , I had a great difficulty adjusting myself and life to it , I tried to cope , however, I was looking forward for the end of this period and going back to my old routine life . I also realized, that some of us have to go through such a working phase for almost every single day in their life , working – sometimes- over 16 hours a day , having families to support , and a career to maintain .

Moreover, I realized , that time is precious, and we do not really think of how important it is , or could be until we suffer the shortage in it , and when a day passes ,as if it was a couple of hours .

I have to admit, I usually take my time for granted , I totally suck when it comes to time management , I simply wish if I can start a list of my daily "do's" and start working by them ,but I am not quiet sure that I will be able to go by the list. I know that some of you do that already, I need a hint a trick, or an experience where you were also bad in time management but you turned into experts in handling your time. So , feel free to share you thoughts with me , and I will be happy to read it and learn from you .