Tuesday, August 08, 2006

George Galloway & SKY news

Check the link below and view the video to know what I am talking about .

I came across this link , which I believe many of you have seen , and probably many of you share the same idea I had when I finished seeing and hearing this interview .

I simply have to say, I have never seen a man - who is not of an Arab origin- defending our causes the way this man did.

I know that some will probably say, that George Galloway has one been a parliament member in British parliament , so he might be looking for publicity of fame, and this is why he is adopting such causes . whether this is the case or not , this man sounded sincere to the bone in his argument with the SKY news interviewer , he simply said it loud and clear , he spelled out my thoughts , he knew what to say and how to say it .

I urge
you , the ones who have not seen it to check this link , and hear the whole interview , I guarantee you , you will love it !


and for ones who got curious to know more about Galloway , please find below a link to his biography. The man has been an activist in Palestinian and Lebanese causes for a long time .



Ramroom said...

I have seen the video earlier and I JUS LOVE THIS GUY :)

(Tealover) said...

ramroom :) .. wlecome to my blog .. and i know what you are talking about .. I too salute him over and over .. he was able to say it out loud ..

Tamara said...


thanks for the link, I'm listening to it at the moment ....its amazing that he has more conviction in our coase ...that a lot of us do !! well very sad for us !!

Tamara said...

sorry for the typos : )

(Tealover) said...

Yes Tamara , its amazing how hestood in her face and said it all on a live interview .

Abdullah said...

I love this man, and we need to have more of his kind. As well from our own people as well who can speak as clear and truthfull without resorting to be deplomatic, that is "call the Donkey Donkey" . If we have more like him in the west and they dare to speak out, the whole world will be peacefull. I salute you Mr. Galloway .

on Personal level, can you do me a favor and give me some info as where I can find teh book you reffered to " Nabulsiyat ".
as I am Nabulsi and i liek to read what ever is written about Nablus.
Best regards Dannah

(Tealover) said...

Welcome to my blog space Abdullah ..
Yes , he is absolutely amazing !
Well I am a Nabulsi myself , which is how I came across this book , got first chapter in Nablus about ten years ago , and the second from Amman .

The two volumes ( there might be a 3rd one) are a biography written by a man named Malek Almasri , it's a biography of his own , living and grwoing up in Nablus , tackling different times and stages of his life , in early years of the last decade , I have enjoyed reading both parts alot , and I would recommend it for anyone , to get to know more about those small "Nabulsi things" we all tend to have ..

If you are here in Amman , you can check jam3iet 3eibal , which is owned by people pf Nablus , I believe they sell it. if you do not have the contacts or place information , I will be glad to send them to you.

Kind regards,

ABDULLAH said...


I appreciate very much exchanging this valuable information, I am so much into the history of my beloved city "Nablus". Seems that you have similar interests, so I refere you to a book of 3 volumes tiltled "Tareekh Nablus WalBalka2"
by Muhammad Annimer(Agha)(it deals with about the last 200-300 years of Nablus history, some stuff that you cannot find any where else) . I live in the states, if there is a way I can correspond with you, (unfortunately you don't have entery feild for email in your comments entry), I can then send to the publisher or contact them and pay them. As for the book I mentioned to you its availability is rare, I had to go to Nablus to buy it, and I got the last copy the bookstore got. By the way I came accross this book in the special library of the Hoover Institute, in Stanford University, California. I was not even allowed to make copy of it, they would not even let it out of the reading room (found that odd).

If you have knowledge of any book of that nature, pleaaaaaaaase, let me know.

Best regards to Bint Jabal Ennar,


(Tealover) said...
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ABDULLAH said...

Salaam Danah,

I appreciate all the help, and I will try to get the publisher info on that book. I guess Stanford University position on removing that book from reading room is because of its importance, although one copy of the first volume only was found there. They keep a huge inventory of old valuable Arabic Books in their Hoover Institute Library. This institute is just for Near East studies, and lots of important studies come out of it. I guess it was named after Edger Hoover who was the FBI chief for about 2 decades or more.
Indeed Nablus played an important role and was very instrumental in breaking and defeating the French in Blockade of Akka (just recently the French confessed to their defeat there in documents released in that regards).

And for your Info the Crusaders slaughtered all Muslim inhabitants of that city who were very old rooted in the city and non survived (about 300-400 years ago or whenever the Crusaders invaded Nablus). When Salahudeen May Allah Bless him, liberated Nablus, he ordered all the occupying Crusaders to be killed for the Muslims who were killed earlier, then he brought new pioneers from 7ijaz, Yemen, and other Arab areas to Nablus to populate it again. So all the current Nabulsi families are about 300 years old or so.

At one time it was considered one of the richest cities on Earth. It was well known for its industries, some of which won the industrial show first prize for quality held in Germany then. Emperor of Germany, I forgot his name now, visited Nablus and he was well received by its people. Sultan 3abdul 7ameed, may Allah have mercy on him, gave Nablus the famous clock that is in the clock tour as a gift to the people of Nablus.

I can tell you so many facts about the city some other time. Indeed, it’s a rich history. Decline of Nablus started with the invasion of Ibraheem Basha of Egypt. Nabulsi's were very well known to reject any one from outside the city to govern it. Nablus Sunjuq was extending east all of the Balqa2, and south to Karak. Bedwin allies of Nablus were Al3edwan, who fought on their side in many battles when needed.

I don't want to make this comment long, but I wanted to affirm your comment that it’s a great city with so much history.

(Tealover) said...

Abduallah ,
I think you are right , it is probably because of the importance of such books and the vast information that it hold's within about the past times in our countries .

Reading wat you wrote about Nablus, I realized that , although I am in love with my original city , yet I lack a lot of information about it . what you mentioned about crusaders slaughtering the inhabitants of Nablus back then , is a totally new information to me , peobably , part of that is because in my readings earlier , I usually wnet for biographies , not deep condensed historical information . however, as time passes by , ones interestes can take a detour , or lets say can try all the options of a cross road , and seek information of different types .

What you have mentioned , reminded me of a book that I saw my father reading in once , it is called "اعادة اكتشاف فلسطين – اهالي جبل نابلس "
The book is number three in what seems a sereies of books talking about Palestnian history in general , however this one gives information about Nablus status between 1700-1900 during the Othman period , the writer I s : Bshara Doumani .
I can fill you in with more info, if you find yourself interested

I found your information engaging and reader attracting, and I would never mind reading and knowing more about Nablus , actually , I would love to.

I have listed my email on my profile page , and also mentioned it in my pervious comment , if you can send me yours , I may send you picture of the cover page of the book I have mentioned , although , you could have already went across such a book , Mashallah , you sound as if you already know a lot about Nablus history.