Monday, August 07, 2006

I admit .. I don't know how to manage my time !

This post is more like a personal thought , I am sure that most of you have came across this in their lives ,but for me this was a first , and I have to say , it has affected me in a way or another in considering some decisions for things in my future .

For the past few weeks, I have been totally immersed in my life, I had to attend a workshop right after my work, add to that the family obligations that used to pope up mostly as long late summer nights visits during the week days, and then the reading that I had to do for the next day , and the usual round on internet that I am accustomed to do just before going to bed. I used to function for almost 16-18 hours a day , which I know now , some of you will go and say , " well, welcome to the real life , a 16 hours is the minimum of our stuffed days !" but I have to say , I am not used to this , my body was acting horribly , my eating habits went over the edge , I had zero concentration , I was not finding time to exercise , and I was always longing for more and more sleep and relaxation . Weekends, were simply wasted on having more sleep just to be barely able to function the very next day . And I had almost zero communication with my friends. Bottom line, I felt like a total wreck !

Mentioning all of the above , I realized that , I have passed through this for a small period of time , yet , I had a great difficulty adjusting myself and life to it , I tried to cope , however, I was looking forward for the end of this period and going back to my old routine life . I also realized, that some of us have to go through such a working phase for almost every single day in their life , working – sometimes- over 16 hours a day , having families to support , and a career to maintain .

Moreover, I realized , that time is precious, and we do not really think of how important it is , or could be until we suffer the shortage in it , and when a day passes ,as if it was a couple of hours .

I have to admit, I usually take my time for granted , I totally suck when it comes to time management , I simply wish if I can start a list of my daily "do's" and start working by them ,but I am not quiet sure that I will be able to go by the list. I know that some of you do that already, I need a hint a trick, or an experience where you were also bad in time management but you turned into experts in handling your time. So , feel free to share you thoughts with me , and I will be happy to read it and learn from you .


Tamara said...


Ya3tiki el3afyeh : D its sounds like my life ….

To give you an advise, I personally write a ( TO-DO) list of my daily activities every morning before I do any thing else, then I scratch of the ones I'm done with and at times I even put by what time I need to get done with certain tasks, I include a personal TO Do list as well, phone calls I need to make, people I need to contact ,go to the gym and so on.

Since I do a lot of volunteer work during the week, I plan on Saturday my afternoons and evenings, so on Saturday I know each day after work what I have to do.

Hope this helps

(Tealover) said...

Allah y3afeeky ya Tamara :)

this sounds like a good idea , but can you follow your list as is ?I mean if something came up .. hmmm .. but you know what , maybe I should try doing that for a while and see how thngs would go from there. Actually I should be doing the personal list just before going to bed and the work list by the time i am at work. I need more orginization in my life ..

I liked the idea of planning Saturdays ..
you know , I am alittle bit curious ,what type of Volunteer work do you do ?

Tamara said...


Glad to help dear, having a plan helps you cope with the things that will inevitably come up, this way you know all the things you need to do and their priorities, so if the thing that came up is more urgent and important that every thing else on your list you do it first, or place it according to urgency and importance on your list. This way you can predict how much time you need to get done with it more accurately, and thus don't get caught in dead lines you cannot possibly keep.

As for the volunteer work I do, a group of friends and I have established a new charitable organization called " Life Makers" we offer free training to the community by our volunteers ranging from computer training to life couching, we do awareness campaigns from health to small projects, and some charity as well like distributing food and clothes to the poor, we are starting a small income generating project as well. I'm on the board of directors so you can imagine how young our organization is. This is what keeps me busy every day after five and on Saturdays: D

Your welcome to join us …

(Tealover) said...

Thats interesting ! I've heard of "life makers" expression before (sonna3 al7aya) . I believe Amro Khaled has used this term before , :) i don't know ifyou have choosen this name accordingly.

You know what , I think I may be interested , at least in knowing more for time being , and may be joining in , on a latter stage . since I am not sure if I have anything to offer , thats why I would like to know more first .

Tamara said...

Yes the name was chosen for that reason: D

Send me an email I will send you all the information you need, after all I'm one of the founding members : D

(Tealover) said...

Tamara ,

I would if I have your address :D.

I have published my email address on my profile , please feel free to email me on it :)

bolbol hayran said...

Plz .. On finding a solution, tell me immediately .. cause I suffer from the same ..

ABDULLAH said...


I think you are not the only one that face such a problem, as we all do in the Arab, and Muslim world in general. Time management is among basic skills that are tought from young age in advanced countries, as to give their young generation the ability to survive, and have successful lives. Those countries value time (as we should, as Muslims will be accounted by Allah for their time, and how it was spent). Time is not valued by Gold, it far more important and priceless; its life.

(Tealover) said...

Time is not valued by Gold, it far more important and priceless; its life.
this is so true Abdullah . I wonder if there is any time management tricks are applied and taught for students in our schools .. I really have a hard time handling my time properly , I guess it also has to do with the atmosphere around .