Friday, August 11, 2006

Sometimes .. It's too late

Sometimes , as we walk the course of life , we get too busy or involved with the road , that we no longer notice the signs ,sometimes , we see chances waving for us , but we stand numb and think , should we go and pick it or should we not , we observe it ,we study it from a distance , we analyze it , except when we are ready for it , it would no longer be there , it would have flown away, with no return .

Sometimes we may run into people whom sounded right from the first sight , that we instantly mark them in our minds and hearts , that we feel a mutual connection and bond just right there , yet ,to reach a state of confusion and reluctant-ness after sometime , thinking that we could have jumped into a dream , that we assembled in our meditations.

And sometimes , we meet the right persons , but we let them go , just because reluctant-ness and confusion were the first thing we felt about them , then to our surprise ,as we head towards a better understanding of our feelings towards them , and reach a more comfortable area , it could simply be too late for them , they have waited for you too long ,and you missed the flight to their hearts .

In early years of maturity, the heart is always open for more and more experiences, the youth and freshness, are there to keep the good faith about people around, and to maintain the heart. However, as one grows old into this life, a layer of rustiness and yellowness covers most of the vents to the core of it. It won't be easy to fall in love, mind you believe it's there. Your mind simply occupies a larger piece, and runs your feelings instead of your heart. And its then only then , is when you miss the chance , because you no longer feel , you only see and match , while it takes more to shake the rust off your heart . It may need more time more intensity or simply a different path to tackle those small remaining fresh bits in the pile of rustiness, but it simply would be too late.


Qwaider قويدر said...

That yellowish hue that you see is the signs of raised shields. Shields that we grow after way too many hits reach our core and wounds us
Sometimes it's our fault
Sometimes it's their fault
sometimes it's the circumstances
and sometimes it's no one's fault!

It just didn't work out!

Yes, we do regret the good ones, even if it was their fault. The woulda-coulda-shoulda eats us alive at points of weakness ... That's why..... we prefer the common cold ... to the common heartache!

Sometimes things are not meant to be. Saying that doesn't make it any easier!

Sometimes, it's really, too late, you sold the gem for scraps and now it's polished and belongs to a queen

the caller said...

asalam 3alaykom,
That is because we don't know what's coming ahead!!
We tend to assume..and man kind proved to be very poor in that..
Love is like a'll shake any body up..even the rust ,no age,no circumstances can hold it..when it hits..not even your brain,how ever big it is just another fate knocking on your door or chasing you if it has to..

+ Q..i loved your last scentence..

(Tealover) said...

Qwaider ,

What you said , is sooo true " we prefer the common cold ... to the common heartache!" , which is why the shields are up , just to make sure that no more heartache to come , and that's why we become numb to the idea , and finally , that's why it takes a great deal to shatter those shields and feel again ..

the caller :)

I simply love your faith, and your sweetness, your sentence "We tend to assume. and man kind proved to be very poor in that" defines me in some ways , I tend to assume , and I always forget that I cannot foresee things, only Allah himself can foresee the hidden things.. and no one knows what to come .. but we hope that the things to come will be always the best . I am not sure about if love would shake or rock your world .. I find a hard time believing that "love" is there .. I tend to believe acquaintance, acceptance and understanding are the real ingredients for the fairy tail emotion love.

the caller said...

asalam 3alaykom,
Sweet danah..Love is a four letter word but it hides the defination of a whole universe..within it there's the acquaintance, acceptance and understanding..and many other things..but it sure does..soemtimes..we love without any fit being hit with a thunder bolt..strong and shaking and leaves you in an unreal state..and that's what's wonderful about it..
Wait and in time you'll see:):):)

(Tealover) said...

The caller ,
Eah .. easy .. plenty of time ! we'll wait and see :)

Summer said...

i like the way you write. i visited here before but really never left a comment! now that you dropped by, i thought i should pay you a visit too! thanks for visiting and keep on coming back.

Tamara said...


Love does not obey to any kind of reason, you would think that walls will stop any thing from passing through to your heart, that's not true ....hmmm its like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning despite the closed doors and the fact that yours sleeping it gets through and tickles your nose with the promise of the great taste and a the announcement of a new day.

The caller: sweet words I agree : )

(Tealover) said...

Summer ,
Glad you dropped by :) .. step in here more often and thank you for your sweet words .

Tamara ,

your description stimulates my imagination .. I guess you are in the caller league regarding "love" :).. I still find it hard to think of it this way ..I hope someone will proove me worng !

Tamara said...

Hey Danah -

I was feeling sick yesterday so I left work early and went home and watched chick -flicks all day : ) this reminded me of the photo you have on this post ...what is that make us feel like chicken soop and romantic moves when we are sick ?

(Tealover) said...

Tamara :) hi ! .. and Salamat .. I hope you feel better today !

hehehe .. well , I know ,this picture reminded me of having "cold" and watching romantic movies (also reflected to me the status of depression and being self consciousness , as in in a deep thinking and mental reviewing state ) with a hot drink held in both hands while watching a romantic movie ..
I don't know .. it could be .. that we feel so vulnerable when we are sick -and depressed- and personally ,my hopes get down when I am sick , so I get depressed anyway . a hot drink whether a chicken soup , tea , hot chocolate , cinnamon , name it :) would do wonders to me , giving me a sense of warmth .. and a romantic movie creates the perfect atmosphere for sinking into that state .. ya3ni hit the ground it .. in order to feel all better again afterwards ..

hehehe ..don't know , this could sound like a weird explanation .. I know !

Tamara said...

Danah ...

Stop being lazy we want new posts : )

Go Danah ...Go Danah ...Go Danah

(Tealover) said...

:) ooh .. thank you Tamara .. I will inshallah soon .. inshallah

neverland said...

I have to say that I agree with you...It's sometimes too late, but it's not wrong to loose some chances in order to learn :)

Summer said...

Wainek? it has been a long time since you posted anything..hope all is going well with you..take care and have a great week!! waiting for you to post anything!

(Tealover) said...

neverland ,
welcome to my blog spot , it's great to have you here :) .. I guess , it is okay to loose some chances , but sometimes , one gets really fed up with having a big share of lost chances.. but I guess, this is the only way to learn and know how to choose ..

summer :) ,

I am doing very good , don't worry , I am just being lazy as everybody get to read my blog know that as a FACT .. hehehe .. I just have those ideas, but I do not stop to spell them out .. I have to find a treatment for that .. any ideas ?! :)
have a wonderfull week ..

Gardenia said...

This is really are talented…
I love to read your stories…I like the way you write…and describe feelings…so touchy and true…