Monday, September 04, 2006

Getting personal ..

So far , the day started well , I am in a good mood , having my daily " work days " Nescafe , but haven't got into work mood yet . Still , I am not really worried about that , because I have finished a good deal of work last week and yesterday , So today , I can breathe a bit , and spare sometime writing something new .. Actually, it's not my idea, I kind of borrowed Tamara's idea , she shed some light on her personal life yesterday by showing us one corner of it , her desk :) ! which can tell some about the person sitting behind . In my case here and generally speaking , my desk is messy.. I admit! Lots of meaningful and meaningless work papers scattered here and there, with a promise in my head that, I will drop by my work one weekend to clean it all up ! but , I guess that is not happening anytime soon , I've made that promise over 4 months ago !

In the first picture , you can see the "meaningful and meaningless work papers piled up " to the far right of the picture , and believe me , that's a good day office look , then you can see my Mexican patterned Nescafe mug , obviously, my Agenda , my screen and keyboard , and some of my work bodies – the little toys here and there , and yes , I still have my childish moments , and often speak to Claire , the little doll with that big head , sitting on my mobile chair , she has been with me ever since I started working , right after graduation , so , you can say she gets me , because she has seen it all :) . Now , left to the screen , you can see Mr. Sponge Bob , with other toys , collected from various "kids meals" deliveries , , and NO , it's not about the toys ..I just happen to find the size of those meals satisfactory !! really !

Now in the second photo, you can have a glance on how messy it could get sometimes, with "meaningful and meaningless work papers scattered allover " , obviously, Claire is having a bad day as well ..

Well , I guess I'd better start the real work now :) .. and I will be dropping new posts , soon .. I promise ..


Tamara said...

Hey There Danah

Glad to see a new post really inspiring : D I like the way your desk looks, I wish you could see mine ..Yayks soooo many things scattered all over.

By the way where do you work, since we are really close to each other : )

(Tealover) said...

Thanks Tamara .. hehehe doesn't need much to mess it /spice it up a bit .. then , your desk would get the same look ;) ..

I work in a software company , called Globitel .. in Almadina Almonawara St. , I remember you said , you work somewhere at Rabiyeh ..

Qwaider قويدر said...

I wouldn't dare show you the Mazbaleh I work in and call my office :D hehehehe
19 Computers, 5 monitors ... 7asheesh ...
I always love reading your posts ... You kinda beat with the same feelings that I have which is wonderful. But .. Mishan allah ... aboos rijlek ... wire more frequently ... Pah-lease... you have an amazing skill ... Keep it up

Summer said...

Good to read from you! i am glad to know that you are ok and doing well..just missed reading from you..thats all! take care and waiting for more posts.

Tamara said...

Danah ...good morning,

Can I ask you a question do you get pix to appear in the middle of the subject ? I can only get them to appear in the beginning !! HELP

(Tealover) said...

Qwaider ..
well my friend .. believe it or not .. your office/desk is a mirror to your soul .. lol .. Not really .. but it would definitely give us an insight .. and being messy is not always a bad thing .. ASK ME .. hehehe ..

and .. thank you for the encouragement , I promise I will :)

:) I am always glad whenever you step by , means a lot to me ..

Tamara ..
:) Saba7 elward ..
actually , all I do after uploading the pictures is , i press of the enter button to push the picture down , and usually ,and then , I'd start typing my post ,after i make sure pictures are on the right places. I've tried dragging them , it could work also .. I think it blogger beta version in works out , but I haven't transformed to it yet ..
yesterday, I was trying to create a link to your post , did not know how though ! I'll try to work on it more , I have to figure it out ..
I hope I was able to help :) .. Have a beautiful day !

ABOUD said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
(Tealover) said...

Aboud ..
oh , I have to say .. I had my suspicions about you .. and yahhha .. hehehe caught red-handed .. well I'd think about it as some sort of marketing ;)

(Tealover) said...

and .. surprise surprise .. i saw the comment after all :D

ABOUD said...


What suspicions ??!!!

I have connections.

(Tealover) said...

Well .. lets say .. JP , blogs roll .. name looked familiar :D .. it ALL GOT CONFIRMED .. with that comment ;) ..
oh yeah .. well .. I have connections too .. remember , hehehe I am in the left part of the building .. lol ;)

ABOUD said...


el web zay el denya z3'eer.

o being profissional:
What building o what company are you in?

(Tealover) said...

You tell me ;)..
I have to say .. didn't thought that blogging is that populer among us here at work !

ABOUD said...

Popular at work?!!
who's else?

Personally I'd rather keep it out of there.

(Tealover) said...

Well , I don't know of any other blogger here .. but who knows !