Sunday, October 29, 2006


It’s the first working day after the long vacation of Eid. Surprisingly; I am fully alert and energized! I usually feel mushy after long vacations , more precisely , Eid vacations , because of the intense social activities -visiting and being visited- however, this time was a bit different , having the weekend coming right after Eid , was a good opportunity for relaxation and adjusting back to winter timing , winter weather and getting back to usual after Ramadan life style .

People in the streets seemed relaxed today too , regardless the traffic jam on my way to work today's morning , there were no horns pressing , no shouts and I can swear that I saw some people smiling behind their wheels " speaking of our traditional morning frown here in Jordan , today seemed to be an exception ! " .

I reached work around my usual time, greeted colleagues on my way to my office and then headed to kitchen – I simply like making my own drinks, I feel they taste better and they way I want them rather than having someone else making them for me - to make my long missed mug of hot Nescafe , added my Hazelnut flavored coffee creamer , started sipping it while scanning the stacked emails in my inbox.

They day has passed fast , having a long meeting , then following up with pending matters , I had more than one opportunity to stress about few "work stuff" , however, I passed them pleasantly and maintained my peaceful happy temper.

Yet ,something tells me that the coming days at work , are not going to be easy , many changes have been happening recently , blowing old traditions and messing things up , turning them upside down and I am the kind of person who dread changes , its not that I am not flexible , but I dread the side effects of changes , the unwanted results .

I guess this post is more of a blabber and sharing some inner confused thoughts, especially in the last part . I simply had this need to write something down, spilling out a peace of my mind.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Many returns .. Happy Eid

Through out my life,I have always enjoyed Eid al fiter somewhat more than Eid Al Adha , while Adha is a true Eid for those who are lucky enough to perform the pilgrimage , Fiter is longed for by those who perform fasting of Ramadan , where the first morning of Eid elfiter always has this special taste to the soul and definitely to the tongue !

As a kid, I remember how I used to wake up in the early morning of the first day – actually being awaken by my parents – brushing the sleeplessness off my eyes, and then rush to the kitchen, smelling coffee in the air and then pausing for a moment, making sure its allowed now to drink and eat at day time, It was a bit confusing back then.. :) ..

Then I would go to the living room, checking on Eid cookies " Ka3k & Ma3moul" , and then checking for the REAL craving , the Eid chocolate , managing to slip few pieces of different tastes into my hands to enjoy eating them later .

Maybe, as little kids, we were able to touch the Eid spirit more than the present time, back then our biggest concerns were the Eidieh " Money gifts by parents and relatives" , the Eid presents "especially plastic and water guns. Anyone knows why?" and then visiting our favorite cousins to play around with while our parents chatter with their parents.

Now, however, our concerns are no longer as childish and limited as before, we as grownups are more aware of the world around us, whether locally, neighborly or internationally, we know that while we are celebrating the occasion, there are others whom are deprived of such right, whom face death and oppression on daily basis, and whom kid's biggest dream is being able to walk the neighborhood's street without being terrorized to step back inside their houses.

For those who are forced to miss the Eid spirit, May Allah bless you and grant you peace of mind, peace of land and security , where you should know , that even if we are "celebrating" the Eid , it will never taste festival nor happy until you can , one day be a part of it and taste it equally .

My warmest and deepest wishes of a happy Eid with many returns in Allah's will , with a free Palestine and a peaceful Iraq ..

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Glimpse from past ....

Yesterday, I was looking forward for a lazy evening spending it at home , after being out for two iftars in row for the past two evenings and general lack of sleep , I felt energy consumed , and had nothing in mind other than relaxing . My mother though , had me an invitation to join her in one of the "ladies gatherings" for the old neighborhood , she brought up the matter in the sense of "its up to you " , but you could sense the " I'd like you to come" hidden between the words . The occasion of gathering was celebrating the birth of a child for a girl whom used to be one of my play mates as a kid ! I hesitated at first , then I thought , what the heck , it wont be hectic there , and its going to be a good chance to check on my old neighborhood and see my fully grownup play mate whom I haven't seen for probably over 10-12 years ! so , despite the fact that the whole gathering thing sounded to me of the "ladies thingy" or as we say in Arabic "Nasaweeni" , I decided to go !

We have moved out from that neighborhood about 13 years ago, I've passed by it several times , its not very much away from our residence now, but I haven't peeked on the street we used to live in for a while.
yesterday, when I drove up the street , everything felt smaller , the street itself, the buildings , and there was no more space land where we used to hang out as a little crowd – My brother , I and the whole neighborhood kids- instead , there was this huge residency building filling that small piece of land . the street was way too calm , no spirit ! I remember how we used to spend summer nights all gathered close to our house fence, chattering until we were almost dragged inside the houses by our mothers.

So, I parked the car, and went inside our old neighbor house accompanied by my mother . The visit was not bad at all, actually it was kind of fun, sitting with my old play mate and her sister was somehow refreshing. though I had some of those pause funny moments , where I was sitting , grinning and remembering how me and my play mate used to fool around with the rest of the kids about 14 years ago , she used to be a Tom boy , and I used to be a Tom boy wannabe :) , she oversized me , that’s why I always thought I was more delicate than she is and it took me an effort to prove that I can be a Tom boy too! she used to say "I'd never get married , marriage sucks !" and she is the one who got married first and now she's with a little sweet girl by her hand s!

Oh boy , we were happy children .

Answering a Tag "Childhood memories"

I've been tagged by Qwaider few days ago to list my five favorite things that I miss mostly about my childhood , I have to say , I am still living it in many aspects , and it was not until recently , like two years ago , that I gave up on buying my Favorite comic magazine Mickey (Egyptian edition) , I still don't mind flipping the pages and having few innocent laughs though , if it ever dropped by my hands ! So, having your childish moments is a part of adulthood, one shouldn't forget how to be a child .

Here are my five favorite things that I miss mostly about my childhood, mentioned with no specific order :

1. Summer trips to home town Nablus ; almost every summer in the early years of my life , my mother used to take us , my brother and I -we used to be two back then ,- in a 2 weeks upto one month trip to Nablus , we used to split our nights between the two grandparents houses , we used to get special treat back then , spoiled up by our aunts and uncles , and we used to have the fun of our life playing all the time with our cousins , in the garden of the house , visiting the old town with my aunt and dropping by the soap factory with my mother .

2. My brother and I creative games ; we used to create our own games , we would see an action movie , then copy it out the next day , creeping between the chairs and sofa's with fake guns in our hands , chasing bad guys , and being chased with our mother to cool the game down ! we used to turn his room into tents and play voyagers & nomads . And we used to put spongy cubes up to the ceiling in my room and climb all the way up , to jump into a ground full of pillows and soft mattress ! I still wonder how we did not break a leg or a neck !

3.My old neighborhood, especially at Eid mornings ; after receiving the "Eidieh" , my brother and I used to go to the nearby supermarket , buy the fake guns , and join the gang in the bang bang !until we get drived away by our parents to go into thefamily visits routine of the Eid .

4.Spending Wednesdays evenings reading adventure books "known as Al3'az"; we used to have Thursday and Friday off back then as a weekend . so after coming back from school and having lunch , my mother used to drive me to the bookshop, where I'd buy a couple of adventure books along with Agatha Christy's adventure books , I used to be addicted to her style !

5.The ultimate belief that my parents are superhumans and that they have the answer for every little and big question that may occur to my mind.

Monday, October 09, 2006

My friends & I .. personal thought

Today , was the big day for our annual Iftar gathering . We have made it a tradition since the second year in university that every Ramadan , no matter what , we would find the time to gather and meet for a pleasant iftar meal . Back then ,when we started it , we were still students, we had low budget to manage with , therefore, we had to stick to the fast meal restaurants , I remember our first iftar gathering was in Pizza Hut Abdoun , we were 9 girls , we had so much fun that day , and I remember how we went right after that to Tche Tche Abdoun , for coffees , teas and argeeleh . Tche Tche Abdoun is no longer there, I've passed by Abdoun circle a while ago , and the sign was no longer hanging there . It felt a bit weird, We had such sweet warm memories attached with that place that goes back to university days, I guess nothing stays the same , even places change .

As years passed, the group no longer had nine in it , it got lessen , some got married and traveled and some were swept away with life matters and sadly no longer kept the strings attached . Its really weird how this part happens, have you given it some thought on how close people can drift away ? Anyway, the core four of that group remained together, and followed the tradition in every Ramadan since the first time. And along the way , we gained new members to our group.

We were eagerly looking for the get together this year, because it has been a while since we've gathered all ,and got totally engaged in a cozy warm chatter , not worrying about anything else other that those few hours we had together . We all needed the escape into each others company .I was feeling extra relaxed today with my friends . I had such a good time , that at some point I wanted the time to freeze and let me feel this serenity with all my senses. I simply wish that we will be always able to continue with this sweet tradition , and we will always remain the best of friends , I love you girls .

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Have you ever ?

Have you ever had something in your mind and heart , that you wanted deeply , you've grew up believing that you can have it all , whatever your thought or dream was , there are no barriers to keep it away from you , its only a matter of time ,for there is nothing that cannot be done or fulfilled , have you ever felt that ?

Have you ever been in that state, where you were able to almost touch your dreams , taste their sweetness and live them vividly?

Have you ever felt like you could be chasing a shadow?

Have you ever felt like wanting something or someone bad, believing that this is all what you want and whom you want in every aspect you want, to realize that you're alone on that boat?

Have you thought of tomorrow always as a better day to come, but always woke up to taste the same bitterness of yesterday's under your tongue?

Have you ever planned your life, calculated the events in each and every passing year, to realize later that you can exhale for the reason that your calculations and your plans are merely a suggestion to an already set plan?

Have you ever felt like crying a river, as hard and loud as you can, but to no one ears but your creator, for HE will never judge you , for HE will only hear you and comfort you ?

Have you ever felt, like wanting someone to see through you, read you without a sounding word?

Have you ever been lost in your path, tripping by the pebbles of your thoughts, dreams, hopes, because you keep on missing your way with all those hanged confusing signs?

Have you ever felt you have the forever to re-right your mistakes and correct your tendencies, to be hit afterwards that there is nothing called " forever that I have" , there is only now to start with , for when forever comes it will be too late?

Oh .. have you ?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Shopping sceneries .. مشاهدات من السوق

بنتين داخلين على محل بشارع الوكالات طبعا الحكي بيناتهم على سياسة " اهلية محلية" , كل اللي حواليهم بالمحل
كان الهم مشاركة سمعية فعالة
البنت الأولى :اه ..لا انا اليوم ما صمت .. بس مش عارفة ليه هيك حاسة حالي تعبانة , بس اروح من السوق بدي ارجع اتغدى .. جوعانة !
البنت التانية :سلامتك ... ياي !!!! شوفي شو منزلين عالنيو كولليكشن !!! حبيت بنطلونات الجينز هدول .. مش عم بتدوري على واحد انتي ؟
البنت الأولى: اه .. ياي .. قصتهم فايعة ... هييي .. بليز , تعطيني مقاس تسعة و عشرين
الشاب اللي في المحل : اه اكيد .. بس هدول قصتهم و مقاساتهم ضيقة شوية .. فحعطيكي تلاتين
البنت ألاولى بتاخد المقاس تلاتين و بتتسهل على غرفة القياس .. و برجع الكل بيلتهي باللي كان فيه ..بعد شوية ,, بطلع صوت البنت التانية : وااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااووووو .. حبيتو عليكي . جد .. كتيييير نايس عليكي يا نورية
!طبعا مع هيك تعليق .. كللو ترك اللي باديه و رجع يتطلع على الموديل الوااااااو
البنت الاولى : لأ ولك وييين الواااو بالموضوع ! ما حبيتو .. شوفي شو منصحني .. كتيييير بقرانة انا
شوفي شو بيخزي عليي!

هون اللي كان سامع و مش شايف بقرب اكتر حتى يتأكد انو مش واااو البنطلون

البنت الاولى بتطللع بالشاب اللي اعطاها البنطلون و بتقوللو : و انتا كيف شايف ؟ . ... و بتفتل حوالين حالها ..
طبعا الشاب كان من الأساس متمسمر جنب غرفة القياس من قبل ما تقيس البنطلون .. الشاب بيجاوب : لا كتيييييييييييير حلو عليكي .. يعني المقاس عليكي بالزبط ..

صاحبتها بترجع بتأكد كلامو و بتهز براسها و بتقوللها : بعدين ولك هبلة انتي !!! كللو اربعين دينار .. لقطة !
البنت الأولى : لأ لأ... اتطللعي شو منصحني ..مش معئولة انا شو اني صايرة بقرة .. اتطللعي هون . و كمان هون !!! لا لا .. و بتدخل على غرفة القياس .

بعد دقيقتين .. بتطلع و بتزت البنطلون بوجه الشاب ..
الشاب ييسألها : شو ؟؟ اوكي البنطلون ؟
!!!!البنت الأولى بتجاوب : لأ , مش اوكي ابدا !!!!! بدي اعمل رجيم قاسي .. برجعلك بس انحف

طبعا بيطلعو البنتين مع ضحك الشباب اللي بالمحل .. و حوقلة الأمهات اللي مع بناتهم
My personal comment:

I have seen many situations, more or less, of the same content I posted above. I have few things that I cannot get about them:

1. The loud tone of speaking and laughing they use once they get into the store..
- The bad naming of each other, as if being friends or cool with someone, gives them the authority of bad mouthing each other publicly or even in private , thinking it makes them "cuter" .
2. The obvious attempt to make everyone around an audience of there little "funny" charade.
3. The obvious insensible and inconsiderable nature of their conversation, plus to the clear lack of good manners.

It is understandable that in teenage years , boys and girls are a bit wild in their behaviors , but its not only them , even fully grown up women these days are caught in such situations !The way I see it , this is not a personal choice or a freedom issue , to me it is simply bad manners , lack of discipline and observation , and nothing really justify it .

Monday, October 02, 2006

A yearly trip

I am inviting you to join me in a very short trip , Interested to come along? Then, Hop on board, I promise , it wont take you long. Okay, Now you are a bit back in time, not too much, say, two months back, why two months? no specific reason, we can make them three, you can actually pick the time you want and the day you want, but we are not looking for "any" day, I need you to go back with me to that day, when you were in your office, everything around was noisy and chaotic , and the main street outside was adding to your agony and your brains are about to explode . Oh! you have a very calm office , okay then , you can choose your venue , it can be a party with loud annoying music , speakers just behind your head and music adding to your throbbing headache , it can be your house , but in a very tensed day , it can be any place and anytime , but where you have this discomfort with the atmosphere around you , your thoughts are all mixed up , and you simply cannot focus on anything , too much outside jam of noises and clatter to the limit you cannot hear yourself thinking , and all you wish for is simply an hour of peacefulness , so that you can gather your thoughts and clear up your mind . Been there before ?

Okay , now I want you to apply the above on a bit wider time scheme , say a whole year , where you are lost in the track of days , you are living this discomfort over and over , not necessarily on daily basis , but lets say , a great deal of it , you know your life is a mess one way or another , you look back to that year , and you see your soul lost in your life's knotted traffic .

Your prayers are short and abrupt , your promised nights of reading those versus of Quran are never kept , your schemes for spending more time on looking up the real needy in this world and try to reach them with some backup and reinforcement have never left your brain's blueprint to the real ground . In short, you feel guilt and you are not satisfied if not ashamed of your whole religious performance for the past year , and you need a break , actually you need more than that , you need a beginning .

Time passes fast, and Ramadan is right behind the corner, you think. You can smell it in the air before it starts, and you long for it, a whole month where you can wash your sins, where you can strengthen your relation with your creator, and with your inner soul , and renew your acquaintance with those small bits that you seem to forget.

The holy month begins, and your demons are trapped. It’s the moment of truth, its you and your inner self to demonstrate and rule, and you realize few changes , you seem to keep the dawn prayer more than before, your tongue seems to love reciting the versus of Quran , your heart aches and soften for those touchy prayers you hear . You stay sleepless and teary at nights, revising your past year, you pray to Allah to pick you from your astray-ness and lost-ness .You sense the change and you wish to maintain until after the holy month breaks.

For some, the New Years Eve stands for the beginning of a new life where new resolutions are made, and new promises are taken to keep, but for others, Ramadan, the whole month of it , represents all of that in addition to a soul vacation from the chaotic world behind , offering a decent space to review and hear self thoughts loud as well as having another chance of a new fresh beginning.

Ramadan Kareem , and Allah's Bless.

Harra2 beosba3o recipe وصفة الحراق باصبعه بالعجين

وصفة الحراق باصبعه بالعجين
وعدت من شي اكثر من اسبوع ان انشر وصفة الحراق باصبعه . هاي الوصفة , اصلها والله اعلم شامي , و اكله شتوية لأنها بتعطي طاقة , مقاديرها بسيطة و تطبيقها سهل كتير
الوصفة بالاجمال مأخوذة من كتاب "ألف بـاء الطبخ" , لكن بتصرف !! لأنو في اجتهادات من ماما ممكن تكون اعطتها شي زيادة . بكل الأحوال , انا بدي اكتب الوصفة , و انتوا برجع لكم تجربوها
مقادير الحراق باصبعه
واحد كوب عدس غير مجروش , يعني حب صحيح
اثنان بصل كبير
اثنان فص ثوم
باقة من الكزبرة الخضراء
فنجان زيت نباتي المعيار هو فنجان قهوة , يعادل تقريبا خمسة و سبعون مل
فنجان من دبس الرمان او ممكن يعرف برب الرمان
فنجان من عصير الليمون , غير المحلى طبعا
رشة بهار ممكن استبدالها برشة فلفل اسود لمن يريد , معيار الرشة تابع للذوق الشخصي
رغيف من خبز الشراك , او اي خبز رقيق متوافر , ممكن تورتيلا

مقادير العجين
واحد كوب طحين
نصف كوب ماء او اكثر بقليل , بحيث لا يلتصق العجين
رشة ملح خفيفة

تحضير العجين
يعجن العجين باضافة الماء و الطحين و الملح تدريجيا , يخلط باطراف الأصابع , و يعجن الى ان يصبح طريا متماسكا لا يلتصق بالأصابع . يرش طحين على السطح الذي سيتم رق العجين عليه , يرق العجين على شكل رغيف كبير و رقيق , ثم طي العجين الى طيات ثم يقطع بالعرض الى حبال عرضها واحد سم, ثم تققطع الحبال الى مربعات.

تحضير الحراق باصبعه

بعد ان ينقى العدس من الأوساخ و يغسل , يتم وضعه على النار مع اضافة حوالي تسعة اكواب من الماء ,طهي البقوليات يستهلك كمية لا بأس بها من الماء. يمكن استخدام طنجرة الضغط لسرعة الطهي. لكن قبل اغلاقها , يتم اأنتظار حتى تغلي الماء او تقارب على الغليان , حيبها يتم اضافة العجين المقطع و فنجان الزيت النباتي. يحكم اغلاق الطنجرة الى ان يستوي العدس بحيث يصبح طريا لكن ليس مهروسا.

في انتظار العدس لكي يستوي , يتم تقطيع البصل الى شرائح رقيقة بعد تقشيره, ثم يحمر في الزيت الحار الى ان يقارب لونه الذهبي , عندها يرفع البصل و يتم الابقاء على الزيت و حيث سيتم استخدامه لاحقا.

تغسل وتفرم الكزبرة ناعما , ثم يدق الثوم مع رشة ملح خفيفة , تلوح الكزبرة و الثوم في الزيت , ثم تطفأ النار عنها

بعد ان يستوي العدس,بحيث يصبح طريا لكن ليس مهروسا , تفتح الطنجرة , و يضاف دبس الرمان , و الليمون و رشة البهار و الملح , الأخيران حسب التفضيل و الذوق , يحرك الحراق قليلا ثم يترك لكي يتسبّك , يمكن اضافة الماء حسب الحاجة اذا كان جامدا. يكوون قامه متماسك ليس مرقا جدا ولا جامدا.
في هذه الأثناء . يتم اضافة مصفى زيت قلي البصل بدون شرائح البصل , و مصفى زيت الكزبرة و الثوم بدونها ايضأ , لذا عند القلي , يمن تزويد كمية الزيت , لهذا الاستخدام السابق. هذه الاضافة لاعطاء نكهة مميزة . و يتم التحريك , و يكون بهذا قد استوى.
يتم تقطيع الخبز بمقص الخبز الى مربعات صغيرة , و قليها

يسكب الحراق باصبعه في وعاء زجاجي او فخاري , يتم تزيين الوجه بالبصل المقلي و الكزبرة و الثوم المقليين , ثم ينثر الخبز القلي على الوجه . ممكن ابقاء مواد التزيين في اوعية اخرى و عدم نثرها على سطح الحراق , حسب ما بتفضلو
وصحتين و عافية
كلمة اخيرة , هاي اول مرة بطبع بالعربي هالقد!!! و انهلكت !!!! بس حبيت اشارككم بهاي الأكلة :) و ان شاء الله تحبوها