Thursday, October 12, 2006

Answering a Tag "Childhood memories"

I've been tagged by Qwaider few days ago to list my five favorite things that I miss mostly about my childhood , I have to say , I am still living it in many aspects , and it was not until recently , like two years ago , that I gave up on buying my Favorite comic magazine Mickey (Egyptian edition) , I still don't mind flipping the pages and having few innocent laughs though , if it ever dropped by my hands ! So, having your childish moments is a part of adulthood, one shouldn't forget how to be a child .

Here are my five favorite things that I miss mostly about my childhood, mentioned with no specific order :

1. Summer trips to home town Nablus ; almost every summer in the early years of my life , my mother used to take us , my brother and I -we used to be two back then ,- in a 2 weeks upto one month trip to Nablus , we used to split our nights between the two grandparents houses , we used to get special treat back then , spoiled up by our aunts and uncles , and we used to have the fun of our life playing all the time with our cousins , in the garden of the house , visiting the old town with my aunt and dropping by the soap factory with my mother .

2. My brother and I creative games ; we used to create our own games , we would see an action movie , then copy it out the next day , creeping between the chairs and sofa's with fake guns in our hands , chasing bad guys , and being chased with our mother to cool the game down ! we used to turn his room into tents and play voyagers & nomads . And we used to put spongy cubes up to the ceiling in my room and climb all the way up , to jump into a ground full of pillows and soft mattress ! I still wonder how we did not break a leg or a neck !

3.My old neighborhood, especially at Eid mornings ; after receiving the "Eidieh" , my brother and I used to go to the nearby supermarket , buy the fake guns , and join the gang in the bang bang !until we get drived away by our parents to go into thefamily visits routine of the Eid .

4.Spending Wednesdays evenings reading adventure books "known as Al3'az"; we used to have Thursday and Friday off back then as a weekend . so after coming back from school and having lunch , my mother used to drive me to the bookshop, where I'd buy a couple of adventure books along with Agatha Christy's adventure books , I used to be addicted to her style !

5.The ultimate belief that my parents are superhumans and that they have the answer for every little and big question that may occur to my mind.


Summer said...

Danah, i like number five the best!! how innocent children are! And i also like how you listed the details of your playing..and the reason you did not break a neck or a leg is because children are flexible and light..they just know how to fall. Nice memories last a lifetime!

(Tealover) said...

Thanks Summer :) .. yes , those were innocent days .. and believe it or not , I still remember many games that my brother and I used to play .. it was a lot of fun ! and I guess you're right , we were like cats falling from hights never getting hurt ! Thank you for coming by :)

Khaled said...

nice memos :)
bas a7la she she you had no problem tp play football with the boys... bas hala2 "yeee 2araf!" ;)

b3deen 6le3te men nabuls, y3ni bet2ol: jObneh, 5obOz :P

Mala2e6 said...


i enjoyed reading ur memories,i also used to love playing with boys, girls' games bored me,i cant really remember playing with dolls and bait byoot..but the ceiling climbing is realy something..i remember a pillow fight with my brother and how we hit the lights and glass scattered all over the place..tab3an u know the rest. ;)

(Tealover) said...

Wallahe I had a thing for bikes back then more than football .. they wouldn't let me play football ..I was only allowed to watch :D ..
LOL .. guilty as charged , I am of the KhObuz and JObneh league ;)

Mala2e6 :)
I loved playing with boys back then , we were only two girls and a bunch of boys .. and I played it all except for "gloul" I hated that game .. donno know why !

As for the pillows fight .. oh yes .. I know the rest for sure ;) lol.