Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Glimpse from past ....

Yesterday, I was looking forward for a lazy evening spending it at home , after being out for two iftars in row for the past two evenings and general lack of sleep , I felt energy consumed , and had nothing in mind other than relaxing . My mother though , had me an invitation to join her in one of the "ladies gatherings" for the old neighborhood , she brought up the matter in the sense of "its up to you " , but you could sense the " I'd like you to come" hidden between the words . The occasion of gathering was celebrating the birth of a child for a girl whom used to be one of my play mates as a kid ! I hesitated at first , then I thought , what the heck , it wont be hectic there , and its going to be a good chance to check on my old neighborhood and see my fully grownup play mate whom I haven't seen for probably over 10-12 years ! so , despite the fact that the whole gathering thing sounded to me of the "ladies thingy" or as we say in Arabic "Nasaweeni" , I decided to go !

We have moved out from that neighborhood about 13 years ago, I've passed by it several times , its not very much away from our residence now, but I haven't peeked on the street we used to live in for a while.
yesterday, when I drove up the street , everything felt smaller , the street itself, the buildings , and there was no more space land where we used to hang out as a little crowd – My brother , I and the whole neighborhood kids- instead , there was this huge residency building filling that small piece of land . the street was way too calm , no spirit ! I remember how we used to spend summer nights all gathered close to our house fence, chattering until we were almost dragged inside the houses by our mothers.

So, I parked the car, and went inside our old neighbor house accompanied by my mother . The visit was not bad at all, actually it was kind of fun, sitting with my old play mate and her sister was somehow refreshing. though I had some of those pause funny moments , where I was sitting , grinning and remembering how me and my play mate used to fool around with the rest of the kids about 14 years ago , she used to be a Tom boy , and I used to be a Tom boy wannabe :) , she oversized me , that’s why I always thought I was more delicate than she is and it took me an effort to prove that I can be a Tom boy too! she used to say "I'd never get married , marriage sucks !" and she is the one who got married first and now she's with a little sweet girl by her hand s!

Oh boy , we were happy children .


Summer said...

Danah, outings with women only are fun a lot of times! glad you went back to see your childhood friends and you had fun, although you did not stay home to relax, but maybe this was mentally relaxing! I felt that there was not awkward moments when there was nothing to say because there was nothing in common anymore!

(Tealover) said...

:) it was a bit awkward first .. but it did not take us long to start the talk again ! ad yup .. it was mentally relaxing .. I went back home refreshed up ..

mays de Eden said...

hola! it seems so nice to catch up with old friends, i think we still have curved memories in our heads about friends from childhood, we still have these small details about the streets, buildings, cars, gardens & smiles.
I do have a smile when i remember those times, i bet it was nice to go.

Qwaider قويدر said...

Everytime we pause and check around we get surprised to how much have passed ... And how much we've grown
Suddenly the sky doesn't seem so high, and the buildings get small ... and all we're left with is a bitter sweet taste of childhood, lost
Danah, you're still living your childhood in a larger body, doesn't mean that innocent little girl is not there .... she's still there, I can feel it from your writings.
Just ... bring her out to play sometimes :)

(Tealover) said...

Mays de eden :)

It is nice and refreshing indeed to see old friends , especially childhood friends , when they still have the same good will in them .. :) thank you for dropping by my blogspot.

You are right my friend .. I am still a child in a larger body ((not that large from childhood though !)).. :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

sorry, bad choice of words, let me say that again, "you're a little girl in a woman's body"

(Tealover) said...

I did not complain from it in first place , because I knew what you meant .. so that okay :) .

Abed. Hamdan said...

one of my best bloggers friends (im not going to tell who ;) told me one word about you: Honest.

Indeed, you are honest, and you touched me deeply with this post. Do you know you ??

My friends and I, 7 yrs ago, used to play in Kuwait in the neighbourhood, and I haven't seen my friends since then, because everybody have to leave kuwait to study in his own country. I went to kuwait two yrs ago, and the neighbourhood was extremely say..and people asked me: Where did u go ?? How did u grow up ?? We can't beleive you are a man right now !

Those days, were the best days ever, and those friends were the dearest friends ever, we still intouch, despite the fact that we are scattered (egypt,lebanon,syria, usa, uk, jordan, palestine,...)..but those days are unforgetabble..

oh by the way, did I tell u that I love 2a3dat el neswan wl 7aki el faadi haad ? lol

(Tealover) said...

Abed :)

Thank you very much for your sweet words , and the thanks goes to you anonymous blogger friend as well :) .. this is such an honor.

Those days from the past are one of the best indeed , I agree , and some of those people whom we've known for so long can become the best and dearest friendw we've ever known .. As for "2a3dat el neswan" well.. sometimes it is fun to be there hearing all the hidden news at once ;) .. lol ..

Thank you for coming by :).

thecaller said...

Asalam 3alaykom,
Sob7an allah..i was telling a friend about you are pure danah..and i love that about u..allah ye7meeky..i guess we all sense that..abed called it honest..q called it child..i call it purity..
when i think of bloggers i really feel so real and i really love..u come on the first names on the list..
as for the post..memories are hidden in our minds but when you return to places and relive it turns into sweetness and tears and lovely rain bows of emotions of longing and regretting that it doesn't last..
i feel that a lot..i like driving to my old old school..or previous neighborhoods..i embrase the places and it's memories with my eyes as i look down streets or up buildings..
alebty alby ya danah:):)

Mala2e6 said...


first 3o2balek,(lazem a2olek haik daroury ya3ni)

keeping in touch with old friends is one of my favorite acts,i cherish old freiendships and new ones akeed..but visiting our old home is something i could never do,i want to keep the old image in my mindas it is..i am glad u enjyed ur visit and i hope u have many happy ones

(Tealover) said...

Rasha :)
Thank you sweetheart :) .. if someone should be described pure , then its you Rasha , with this transparent soul of your that drives you to type directly from heart :) .. I share the same idea with you about my fellow bloggers , its hard not to feel this way when you interact and start know more about them via their posts ..

As for memories , aaaaah ya Rasha .. its not that present is not full of pleasant events , but when a once happy event or period becomes a past , it has this different taste , that we always wish to gain back .. I know what you are talking about dear .. I too feel like embracing such places of dear memories to me ..


LOL thank you sweetie , 3o2balek enti kaman , I sense we are both in the same boat ;)..
And I may know what you mean by not wanting to visit an old place that once represented something , to keep the image of that time and place present in your mind as before .. even places change , who said we cannot bond to silent things , we simply do , because we see them alive ..

Summer said...

Danah,where have you been hiding? or too busy getting ready for Eid??

(Tealover) said...

Hey summer .. yup :) lots of events lately .. keeping me from the blogsphere .. hopefully I'll have more time to catch up in the coming few days ...

Mala2e6 said...


just passed by to wish u happy Eid..kol 3am w inti b khair :)

ArabLady said...

Yen3ad 3lakiii (*_*)

(Tealover) said...

Mala2e6 :)
o enti be alf alf khair ya rab .. thank you dear.. Happy Eid to you too :)

Arablady :)

o 3aleeky ya rab o kol 3am o enti be alf khair :) , Welcome to my blogspot ..and thank you for passing by :)