Monday, October 09, 2006

My friends & I .. personal thought

Today , was the big day for our annual Iftar gathering . We have made it a tradition since the second year in university that every Ramadan , no matter what , we would find the time to gather and meet for a pleasant iftar meal . Back then ,when we started it , we were still students, we had low budget to manage with , therefore, we had to stick to the fast meal restaurants , I remember our first iftar gathering was in Pizza Hut Abdoun , we were 9 girls , we had so much fun that day , and I remember how we went right after that to Tche Tche Abdoun , for coffees , teas and argeeleh . Tche Tche Abdoun is no longer there, I've passed by Abdoun circle a while ago , and the sign was no longer hanging there . It felt a bit weird, We had such sweet warm memories attached with that place that goes back to university days, I guess nothing stays the same , even places change .

As years passed, the group no longer had nine in it , it got lessen , some got married and traveled and some were swept away with life matters and sadly no longer kept the strings attached . Its really weird how this part happens, have you given it some thought on how close people can drift away ? Anyway, the core four of that group remained together, and followed the tradition in every Ramadan since the first time. And along the way , we gained new members to our group.

We were eagerly looking for the get together this year, because it has been a while since we've gathered all ,and got totally engaged in a cozy warm chatter , not worrying about anything else other that those few hours we had together . We all needed the escape into each others company .I was feeling extra relaxed today with my friends . I had such a good time , that at some point I wanted the time to freeze and let me feel this serenity with all my senses. I simply wish that we will be always able to continue with this sweet tradition , and we will always remain the best of friends , I love you girls .


Jad said...

ana ba7eb af6ar bel bayt

Summer said...

that sounds nice!! glad you had a good is always nice to get together with your friends and have a good time..where did you go for argeeleh after iftar?? just being curious since Tche Tche closed! good to read from you!Oh, i love the pictures!!

Abdullah said...

Friendship is precious

(Tealover) said...

.. well , a change wont harm every now and then :) , I know the homey Iftar is always the best , but an outside iftar isn't that bad too. thank you for passing by :).

Thank you :), we had such a wonderful time . This year we went to Crumz , theyhave an extra space ! and it looked cozy. Tche tche abdoun is closed , but it has opened other branches in Amman :), there always a plenty of options for the coffees and teas part ! Thank you for coming.

Indeed it is Ya Abdullah :) , precious , and good friends can never be replaced . May Allah save us from the unseen moves of this life ..

(Tealover) said...

And Summer .. thank you for the note about the pictures :) , the Original/clear ones are amazing . Those I've posted have been artistically taken care of

Dar said...

Friends are beutiful word especially when u can enjoy the word in all its letters ..... allah y5aleekom la ba3ad , o el marat el jai aya wa7deh btetjawaz btjeeeb joozha o wladha ma3ha ...hada a7san 7al h3


deenie said...

Oh, Danah!

What a beautiful post! :)

It would seem to me... that your friends are extremely lucky to have you! :)

Here's hoping that this tradition won't go away... and wishing for plenty more happy, relaxed and serene moments to share with your loved ones for many years to come!

(Tealover) said...

Thank you :) .. you tjink so ya3ni =D lol... well , why not , this sounds like a good idea , for the future ;).

Hey Deenie :)

I would say , I am extremely lucky to have such wonderful lovable friends like them :), and I'd pray the same for you :)

alibaabaa said...

That is life; no one can stop time, and only the good moments in life counts! I know exactly what you mean with the story, everything has to come to and end so seize the moment while it last before it turns to past tense!

(Tealover) said...

Very True Alibaabaa everything has to come to an end .. Welcome to my blog =)

Eno.. said...

thats a sweet post.. it took me back to my university days as well, we used to spend great time out every week.. but time goes by and peolpe get drifted away as u just said... although we try to keep in touch from time to time but its never the same anymore coz we r not the same!!
best regards tealover wkoll sana wenty tayeba.

(Tealover) said...

:) welcome to my blog .. it is such a pleasure to have you here ..
Its true .. nothing really stays the same .. even the closest people can be away with time .. and leave us nothing but the memory of them being "best of friends" once in this life ..

kol 3am o enti be alf alf khair ya rab :) .. thank you for passing by ..

Safa Jarrar said...

i could not stop a tear in my eye while reading ur blog..actually i can't forget that day..and every time i read what we wrote on that napken..i just remember how much of fun we had..i think it was one of the days i'll never forget..hey.. tech tech 3abbdoon is still there..but i think it lost it's spirit..and u know it is all about the group more than the place..