Saturday, October 07, 2006

Have you ever ?

Have you ever had something in your mind and heart , that you wanted deeply , you've grew up believing that you can have it all , whatever your thought or dream was , there are no barriers to keep it away from you , its only a matter of time ,for there is nothing that cannot be done or fulfilled , have you ever felt that ?

Have you ever been in that state, where you were able to almost touch your dreams , taste their sweetness and live them vividly?

Have you ever felt like you could be chasing a shadow?

Have you ever felt like wanting something or someone bad, believing that this is all what you want and whom you want in every aspect you want, to realize that you're alone on that boat?

Have you thought of tomorrow always as a better day to come, but always woke up to taste the same bitterness of yesterday's under your tongue?

Have you ever planned your life, calculated the events in each and every passing year, to realize later that you can exhale for the reason that your calculations and your plans are merely a suggestion to an already set plan?

Have you ever felt like crying a river, as hard and loud as you can, but to no one ears but your creator, for HE will never judge you , for HE will only hear you and comfort you ?

Have you ever felt, like wanting someone to see through you, read you without a sounding word?

Have you ever been lost in your path, tripping by the pebbles of your thoughts, dreams, hopes, because you keep on missing your way with all those hanged confusing signs?

Have you ever felt you have the forever to re-right your mistakes and correct your tendencies, to be hit afterwards that there is nothing called " forever that I have" , there is only now to start with , for when forever comes it will be too late?

Oh .. have you ?


Gardenia said...

you have awaken the "sleeping beauty"
very nice post

Dar said...

Well it is so true , but u made me really confused , asking myself why this could happen ! cant things go just right !


Danial said...

too many questions..

ya allah...this is too much thinking...
don't u have easier than that..?
all that happen...

as jobran khalil used to say ...

teslami lelli be7ebbek..

(Tealover) said...

Gardenia Thank you sweetie , I am glad you liked it ..and thank you for passing by ..

Dar Oh I ask myself the same Dar, can't thing just happen ? but i go on thinking , what if they end up happening and we end up not liking whats happening .. it is confusing . thank you for coming by.

Danial Welcome to my little blogspot I think this is your first time here . I just spilled out my thoughts in a confusion moment .. thank you dear , teslamili inti :). hope this wont be your last visit.

tohtoh said...

i like how you can express so well about those things!

(Tealover) said...

Thank you very much for your sweet words and nice comments :) .. and thank you for stepping by my blog .

3lool said...

Have you ever felt, like wanting someone to see through you, read you without a sounding word?