Monday, October 23, 2006

Many returns .. Happy Eid

Through out my life,I have always enjoyed Eid al fiter somewhat more than Eid Al Adha , while Adha is a true Eid for those who are lucky enough to perform the pilgrimage , Fiter is longed for by those who perform fasting of Ramadan , where the first morning of Eid elfiter always has this special taste to the soul and definitely to the tongue !

As a kid, I remember how I used to wake up in the early morning of the first day – actually being awaken by my parents – brushing the sleeplessness off my eyes, and then rush to the kitchen, smelling coffee in the air and then pausing for a moment, making sure its allowed now to drink and eat at day time, It was a bit confusing back then.. :) ..

Then I would go to the living room, checking on Eid cookies " Ka3k & Ma3moul" , and then checking for the REAL craving , the Eid chocolate , managing to slip few pieces of different tastes into my hands to enjoy eating them later .

Maybe, as little kids, we were able to touch the Eid spirit more than the present time, back then our biggest concerns were the Eidieh " Money gifts by parents and relatives" , the Eid presents "especially plastic and water guns. Anyone knows why?" and then visiting our favorite cousins to play around with while our parents chatter with their parents.

Now, however, our concerns are no longer as childish and limited as before, we as grownups are more aware of the world around us, whether locally, neighborly or internationally, we know that while we are celebrating the occasion, there are others whom are deprived of such right, whom face death and oppression on daily basis, and whom kid's biggest dream is being able to walk the neighborhood's street without being terrorized to step back inside their houses.

For those who are forced to miss the Eid spirit, May Allah bless you and grant you peace of mind, peace of land and security , where you should know , that even if we are "celebrating" the Eid , it will never taste festival nor happy until you can , one day be a part of it and taste it equally .

My warmest and deepest wishes of a happy Eid with many returns in Allah's will , with a free Palestine and a peaceful Iraq ..


Qwaider قويدر said...

كل عام و انت و بألف خير، ينعاد عليك بالخير و على اهلك و عائلتك و على المسلمين اجمعين

thecaller said...

السلام عليكم..
كل عيد و انت بخير..
الله يهنيكى و يسعدك يا دانه حبيبتى:)

Summer said...

Happy Eid to you and your loved ones. Enjoy the holiday!

(Tealover) said...

Dear Samer :)
و انت بألف خير و ينعاد عليك و على اهلك و اللي بتحبهم و الكل, بالصحة والسلامة و راحة البال

Dear Rasha :)
انتي بالف خير حبيبتي , و ينعاد عليكي و على كل اللي بتحبيهم بالصحة والسلامة و راحة البال

Dear Summer :)
Happy Eid to you , your family and loved ones :) inshallah many returns .. and I am planning to enjoy it inshallah ;)

Dar said...

Happy Eid , o taqabala allah al ta3at :)


(Tealover) said...

Happy Eid to you too Dar :) .. o kol 3am o enta bekhair .. yet2abbal menna o menkom nshallah ..

sharifo said...

Hi there,
Kol 3am we inti be kheir,
mmmmm bnerja3 la maudoo3 ino things were better before, as kids !
Great post,
Salamat !

Abed. Hamdan said...

kol 3am w enti b alf 5air ya rab :)

alibaabaa said...

Even though I never met any of you guys, I feel that we all one family, happy eid for all especially the people who are going through some hard times, and insha alah next year will be better than this one.

(Tealover) said...


o enta be alf khair :) .. thank you ..


O enta belaf khair ya rab o yen3ad 3aleek belse77a welsalameh

Thank you very much .. Happy eid.. the same goes for you inshallah , and hopefully it will be more peacefull next year ..

7ala said...

Danah I loved this Eid post , It was touchy.

kol sane w inte and your family bi khair ya rb.

ABOUD said...

Happy Eid danah, and thanks for your nice comment that day.

As for this post, you were just speaking the words out of my mouth, that was a great post.

تقبل الله طاعاتكم
أعاده علينا بالعز و النصر
و كل عام و أنتم بخير

(Tealover) said...

Thank you sweetie :) .. o enti o ahlek be alf khair ..


Thank you :) .. and anytime ..
منا و منكم ان شاء الله

razan said...

hi,, nice blog :)

Khaled said...

Kol 3am w ente b5air Danah,
yn3ad 3aleke b9a77a w salameh, w enshallah very soon in Palestine.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

Hope ur eid was happy & that u got loads of money :D
nice blog

(Tealover) said...


Thank you for the sweet comment and for stepping by :)


O enta belaf khair Khaled o yen3ad 3aleek welli bet7ebhom inshallah :)..

Islamic chocoholic

It was okay :) and I got some money .. love your name "chocoholic" .. thank you for the sweet comment and for stepping by .. happy eid :)

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