Monday, October 02, 2006

A yearly trip

I am inviting you to join me in a very short trip , Interested to come along? Then, Hop on board, I promise , it wont take you long. Okay, Now you are a bit back in time, not too much, say, two months back, why two months? no specific reason, we can make them three, you can actually pick the time you want and the day you want, but we are not looking for "any" day, I need you to go back with me to that day, when you were in your office, everything around was noisy and chaotic , and the main street outside was adding to your agony and your brains are about to explode . Oh! you have a very calm office , okay then , you can choose your venue , it can be a party with loud annoying music , speakers just behind your head and music adding to your throbbing headache , it can be your house , but in a very tensed day , it can be any place and anytime , but where you have this discomfort with the atmosphere around you , your thoughts are all mixed up , and you simply cannot focus on anything , too much outside jam of noises and clatter to the limit you cannot hear yourself thinking , and all you wish for is simply an hour of peacefulness , so that you can gather your thoughts and clear up your mind . Been there before ?

Okay , now I want you to apply the above on a bit wider time scheme , say a whole year , where you are lost in the track of days , you are living this discomfort over and over , not necessarily on daily basis , but lets say , a great deal of it , you know your life is a mess one way or another , you look back to that year , and you see your soul lost in your life's knotted traffic .

Your prayers are short and abrupt , your promised nights of reading those versus of Quran are never kept , your schemes for spending more time on looking up the real needy in this world and try to reach them with some backup and reinforcement have never left your brain's blueprint to the real ground . In short, you feel guilt and you are not satisfied if not ashamed of your whole religious performance for the past year , and you need a break , actually you need more than that , you need a beginning .

Time passes fast, and Ramadan is right behind the corner, you think. You can smell it in the air before it starts, and you long for it, a whole month where you can wash your sins, where you can strengthen your relation with your creator, and with your inner soul , and renew your acquaintance with those small bits that you seem to forget.

The holy month begins, and your demons are trapped. It’s the moment of truth, its you and your inner self to demonstrate and rule, and you realize few changes , you seem to keep the dawn prayer more than before, your tongue seems to love reciting the versus of Quran , your heart aches and soften for those touchy prayers you hear . You stay sleepless and teary at nights, revising your past year, you pray to Allah to pick you from your astray-ness and lost-ness .You sense the change and you wish to maintain until after the holy month breaks.

For some, the New Years Eve stands for the beginning of a new life where new resolutions are made, and new promises are taken to keep, but for others, Ramadan, the whole month of it , represents all of that in addition to a soul vacation from the chaotic world behind , offering a decent space to review and hear self thoughts loud as well as having another chance of a new fresh beginning.

Ramadan Kareem , and Allah's Bless.


sharifo said...

Great subject...Great blog.
Mashalla..keep the good work up !!

Abdullah said...

Every time I reach this Month I wish to see the next Ramadan. I love this month and I wish all the year is Ramdan.Its a yearly travel to Allah.
Danah, I wish the next year I will be here to share this month with you all.

7ala said...

I liked what i have just read here , very lovely Danah !

Abdullah , we wish you will be here inshallah next Ramadan to enjoy this great month with us. Allah kareem .

(Tealover) said...

Sharifo ,

Thank you for your nice words :) ..and you have a very interesting blog of your own , I am sure I'll be dropping on more.

Abdullah :)

Inshallah you will be able to make it to here and enjoy the spirit of this holy month among your family and beloved once , inshallah .. Allah kareem ya Abdullah .

7ala :)

I am glad with your visit :) , thank you sweetie for those nice words ..

zingtrial said...

Hi! You Have a nice blog,I liked reading through it.Thanks for sharing.
Wish you well

(Tealover) said...

Hello Zingtrial .. welcome to my blog anytime :) .. I'm glad you liked what you read , thank you for coming by .

Summer said...

a very spirtitual post Danah...wish you reach your spiritual goal this month. hope you will be happy and satisfied with it!

(Tealover) said...

I hope so Summer .. I really do :) .. thank you for passing by ..

the caller said...

Asalam 3alaykom,
You know what i love about you?
Is that no matter how much you write about chaos and discomfort,i never feel that you are..just an amazing sense of how nice you u get stressed nicely too:):)?
And the peace and serenity you made me feel when you started talking spiritual is doubled due to the same finess..
very nice post danah:)

(Tealover) said...

:) my dear Rasha .. thank you for this extra sweet comment , you made my day 8) !

I don't think I am NICE when I get stressed out ,actually, I feel nasty when I do ..hehehe .. though I am glad for what you felt out of my post .. thank you dear for coming by ..