Sunday, October 29, 2006


It’s the first working day after the long vacation of Eid. Surprisingly; I am fully alert and energized! I usually feel mushy after long vacations , more precisely , Eid vacations , because of the intense social activities -visiting and being visited- however, this time was a bit different , having the weekend coming right after Eid , was a good opportunity for relaxation and adjusting back to winter timing , winter weather and getting back to usual after Ramadan life style .

People in the streets seemed relaxed today too , regardless the traffic jam on my way to work today's morning , there were no horns pressing , no shouts and I can swear that I saw some people smiling behind their wheels " speaking of our traditional morning frown here in Jordan , today seemed to be an exception ! " .

I reached work around my usual time, greeted colleagues on my way to my office and then headed to kitchen – I simply like making my own drinks, I feel they taste better and they way I want them rather than having someone else making them for me - to make my long missed mug of hot Nescafe , added my Hazelnut flavored coffee creamer , started sipping it while scanning the stacked emails in my inbox.

They day has passed fast , having a long meeting , then following up with pending matters , I had more than one opportunity to stress about few "work stuff" , however, I passed them pleasantly and maintained my peaceful happy temper.

Yet ,something tells me that the coming days at work , are not going to be easy , many changes have been happening recently , blowing old traditions and messing things up , turning them upside down and I am the kind of person who dread changes , its not that I am not flexible , but I dread the side effects of changes , the unwanted results .

I guess this post is more of a blabber and sharing some inner confused thoughts, especially in the last part . I simply had this need to write something down, spilling out a peace of my mind.


Dar said...

DO u know , i felt that too , it was a calm day too , after all the mess of eid ..... 3anywayz hope things will turn better than what u think enjoy yr time .


Summer said...

It has been a drag trying to post a comment on blogspot is my second try..

Change is good..think positive about it and all will be well.

Qwaider قويدر said...

I can't really relate, since the the past week I was working till 6 AM and going back to work at 9 AM during the Eid :(
Anyway, there is this magical vacation formula where if you have x amount of days you feel relaxed. If it was X+1 or X-1 you will not feel as good
I also bet going back to standard time makes it easier on your body to wake up and function. Because that summer daylight saving thing really puts some strain on the body
Yalla.... I'm glad y ou had a good day ... imsha2allah it will be a Good year kaman

Hareega said...

hope you had a happy eid, and good luck at work!

take it ez on the morning coffee :)

(Tealover) said...


Yeah .. it was sort of a calm day yesterday .. however, today , we;re back to NORMAL .. loud loud loud :) ..I hope that too.. thank you ..


I hope it is .. I'm leaning on my optimist side , thank you :).


I never thought about this "equation" thing .. hmm.. but why not, this is possible. I agree about Summer timing , I think I'm turning to be a winter person afterall !
Thank you for the good wishes :) .. same goes to you .. and enjoy your upcoming vacation.


Thank you for the nice wishes :) .. and for stepping by too ..

eah .. I am having it just right now .. smells GREAT :)

Abed. Hamdan said...

you inspired me, and reminded me to write about my personal life ;)

thx :)

ArabLady said...

I prefer the personal blogs where u share ur life with the whole world…they are more interesting, u could feel the warmth of their lifestyles, u get closer and understand how they think and act!!

Glade that u had a peaceful day…the traffic jam here is horrible!!
Ento ar7am min 3ana

sharifo said...

there is nothing better than a Mug of Nescafe at work !!
hehehehehehe, great to be re-charged after a vacation,welcome to real life again !!

(Tealover) said...

Me, inspired you with my blabber lol :) ... Waiting to read your new post then ;) ..

Personal blogs and sarcastic/funy blogs come on the top of my list too :) , I share your idea on personal blogs .. makes you feel more familliar with the authers ..

Wallahe ya Arablady .. the summer had a horrible traffic jam here , we are in a bless nowadays ..

Ah wallahe ya sharifo.. fe3lan , the best thing in the morning just before starting work , the aroma is irresistible.. some have turkish coffee instead :) .. I am not a huge fan of it though ..

Tamara said...


Great posts, I have read back the postes I have missed from your blog, they are all great : ) and your sweetnes oozes through your words ...keep it up

missed you...

(Tealover) said...

:) I am so glad to see you here again , missed your name here . Thank you for your kind sweet comment .. means a lot to me :)..
Welcome back :)

ABOUD said...

Well, hope you had a nice Eid vacation.

Change is always for better, think of it this way (convince yourself about it this way) cause if you didn't then life will stop; cause life is just a series of changes.

(Tealover) said...

I guess you are right Aboud .. life is a series of changes ..
thanks for stepping by :)