Sunday, November 05, 2006

Rain .. Trip .. and other things

Another Sunday after weekend, back to work Its a cold wet grey Sunday.Streets were crazy today's morning , jammed , cars swimming in rain filled streets to their destinations. I turned the radio on Mazaj .fm, I like the collection they play in rainy cloudy early mornings- I just love hearing it more than the talk shows - those old Lebanese –almost ballads – songs , some of them still loop in my head like " law shebakek 3ashebbaki " and " Aletli sho byelba2li , elazra2 aw zahr elromman , 7atta 3younak teshta2li , balbeslak a7la Foustan " and Fairouz with her angelic voice " Fi ahweh 3almafra2 " , they sink into me songs in rainy days , as if they were especially made for such days .

Anyway, it took me over half an hour to get to my work place, and apparently, I arrived late! It never feels good to arrive at work late after most of your colleagues and especially the managers. And it really sucks when you have already planned it the day before to come early, to finish few pending issues without everyone's hassle on early morning, and of course, and especially on the first day of the week When you get there and see the time , you realize the failure of your plan , you're already late !

But I ain't stressing about it, I don't want to .I have to save my nerves for a billion other things stress worthy, like preparing for my trip tomorrow.

Tomorrow's evening I'll be flying to Muscat-Oman on my first business trip. I am still behind schedule in having everything I need prepared , but I am counting on today to get it all covered up . I am excited because it’s the first trip with work. Yet anxious and worried because I need to be fully prepared , there is a good chance that many things will get defined after this trip , and I really don't want it to be defined the other way around , and of course I am speaking career-wise .

I am the type of person who worries a lot , no matter how I try to convince myself with the reality that nothing really worth all of this nerve burning , yet I just cannot help it .

I needed to write something down, I haven't blogged anything for a while , and it looks like there is something wrong with my blogspot, I haven't been able to view it for over four days now , so I am not quiet sure if this will get published on time ,but I needed to write it down anyway .

Wish me luck, and I shall update you with my trip events, if its possible from there or until I come back by Allah's will.


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