Monday, November 27, 2006

Eah , who said life is easy !

Again , back with the challenges of work . Being put into course of competition against your will. Having to face indecent opponents at times, having to sail into the sea of career darkness and multi opportunities to prove yourself and capabilities AGAIN, after "thinking" you finished the "proving" phase you've been into the past years, someone snatch you and say "It has just started , the past few years were only the warming up part" to start again and allover showing your bosses AGAIN that you can handle pressure , you can handle changes in work atmosphere and you can pretty much elevate the career steps to reach one day, to the top.

But what if, you were happy where you are, just in that little cozy place you are filling? Those tasks you've mastered which you know that you kind of perfected performing them? And that everybody is pleased with their outcome. Why can't you just hang in there for the rest of your career life? Oh, well, its true, we all value and seek comfort , BUT .. But we all have those little devils of ambition inside us that aspire something bigger, something higher , something supposedly better ,something that tells the opponents and the colleagues that picking you was the best thing they did , something that shows everyone that you earned that promotion , although , you haven't really asked for it .

Now the horrific part is when, you want to show everyone that you can HNADLE IT, but inside you, you are not quiet sure what to do next. You are lost, you know that there is a lot of catch up to do, and you know that your guide is no longer available, you have been tossed into the boat to sail on your own this time , you are not allowed to show your growing fear or your mere reluctant-ness , because your competitors will smell it like sharks , and snap the whole thing out of your hands.

Eah , who said life is easy !


Qwaider قويدر said...

From a manager's point of view, they want you to remain in your position. And GET USED TO IT for ever, keep doing it, and not do anything else. They do everything to drive you into your comfort zone, something that would be very hard for you to get out of. And it's all fine and dandy if you're the type.
But, if you have ambitions and look to move forward in your life and gain more experiences, and diversify your expertise, you would want to evolve, to grow, to fill a bigger role to become something more, or something else.
There will always be the tug of war between management and employee, they want you to fill in a specific job for as long as they need you, and you "should" have ambitions and goals to grow in the directions you want.

My advice to you, learn everything you can, and keep moving to bigger, better, more challenging positions until you find something that allows you to grow in place.
My personal idea about this is that, you can be given a box to fill, and depending on your abilities you will grow to fill it. OR you will outgrow it, and then you will need a larger box!
(I have no idea why I sound like ammo!)

Tamara said...


First of all I love the picture its so expressive of the office prison we are in !!

As for the times of change, all that you are feeling is normal, some of us have a bigger fighter inside and we enjoy the battle and some would rather its not a battle, but in either case in no time you would have mastered all the requirements of your new position, believe me it will happen very fast, you just give it time. and don't be afraid to ask if you don't know a thing( just ask the right person) we all have been there and as long as your dedicated and work hard its just a matter of time. good luck and hang in there.

(Tealover) said...

Qwaider :) that was along yet informative and needed read !
It does sound true .. what you said about managment .. and yes one should have ambitions , and yes one always want to evolve and find a better position and state , but sometimes one gets into an ambition delimma. it will probably need me another post to explain what does that mean ..

my own point of view is that one never know how they'll end up , and where will they end up , so one should always look for improvment and seek more information and enhancments , especially career wise .. so I could say I agree and value your advice :) ..

:) .. you can be career advisor .. Ammo ! .. kidding :) .. thanks for your comment ..


Thanks Tamara . :) taken from gettyimages .. they have a bunch of nice collection !

Thank you for the encouregment .. :) but I think I will do have to ask a lot of people .. and I am the type of person who hates to ask .. but it does not look like I'll have another choice .. huh !

safa jarrar said...

hi dandoosh..this is the 1st time to coment on ur blog here...any way..wanted to say is that we r originally have this fear of is extremely natural..we r afraid of things we don't know..but when we get to know it, we relize how easy it is..the gr8 thing about change that it keeps u away from doing same things over and over..and 4 me..i find that the biggest motivation for seeking promotion ..