Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Perspective ??!?

Is our perspective of people distorted?

What do you mean?

I mean , what are the elements that we take into our consideration on judging a person.

You mean like , honesty , morals , respect , intellectualism and things like that ?

Well, yeah ! Those are some elements, though definitions for these elements you mentioned differ from one person to another.

How! Those are general terms that we talk about!

Yes !!! And that's why I say, it differs from one person to another. a group of people may agree on a general definition , but each one of them may add their own personal ingredient to that .

Now you lost me, what do you mean?

I mean, the definition of, hmmm , lets say intellectualism . You may describe someone being intellectual , for knowing a good deal of information and details , in a particular or a number of subjects , say for instance ; literature , religion , politics , history , languages, sciences . There might be a general agreement on those lines of knowledge. Yet , there are people who consider not knowing about latest video clips, movies, series , world wide clothing brands is such an unforgivable crime !

Okay , that’s extreme ! But that’s a personal definition. The two groups you are describing, apparently have different orientations and perspective.

See, we are back to square one . How can we judge people? Say, you met someone, and he proposed, how you can tell that he applies for the definitions you have. What if he does not apply to your mental definitions, yet he applies to your heart definitions, what if it the other way around ?

Hmmm , I don't know .. but does this mean that you and all of your friends share the exact same orientation or perspective ? I don't think so , there should be variations .. otherwise , there will be no spicing in your relation , whether with your friends , or with your possible significant other .

Could be .. it’s a complicated subject ..

Well , not complicated ... but debatable!

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Tamara said...

Well Danah you have a touchy subject, but if the person you want to judge is someone trying to become your friend or is proposing to you or even is a new colleague who will sharing an office with you. You need to judge that person and evaluate them so you know how to deal with him/ her.

If its someone who is proposing you, you have to judge them according to your definition of things, even if your standards are wrong they are still yours. And this person is proposing to spend the rest of his life with you, this is why its imperative that you agree on morals and big issues, its not possible that you agree on every thing, but the most important issues you have, and again you decide what the big issues are.

(Tealover) said...

its more critical in the cases of considering a life companion whether a friend or a significant other ... but what if our standards are wrong ..? so we'll pick up according to our wrong standards .. and as time sgoes by , we may realize that its too late to retrieve back ..

:) thanks for passing by Tamara .. basically that was some sort of an inside thought .. that probably wont have any clear answer ... ya3ni bel3arabi 3m afaker be soat 3ali ..