Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Trying something out

Apparently .. I am stuck ! .. My original blog "Life has its mysteries ways " has been facing some technical problems , seems to be originated by blogger.com , in settling some issues regarding blogger Beta , they seem to screw up other things , so apparently , my blog is one of the victims . I have claimed my problem to their support team , received a reply and was assured that they will be taking care of it , however, it looks like it will take a while , since up to now , I have seen no change .. and I miss blogging there :( .. I feel a bit lost !

So , whats the story with this blog "
Trying something out" ?!

I have created this new blog over a month ago . Basically ,I wanted to check what changes can I apply to my original "Life has its mysterious ways" template , once changing from normal blogger to blogger Beta , and i liked the outcome , which is why I decided to go for it , while keeping this other blog -I'd say trial lab blog- private , to see how any change I'd apply will look like .

So , for the main time , I'll be blogging temporarily here and there synchronizing the posts , until the problem is resolved and I get back to my home blog ..

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