Saturday, November 18, 2006

Words that "rhyme" with winter ..

Its not the type of rhyme in poems, its more like things and words that sound perfect with winter ,at least for me ! I know how many people hate this blissful season, I used to be one of them, back when I was at school and university! However.. Now I can hardly imagine myself living in a place that has no winter!

With no specific order , here are they ...

Warm family gatherings .. Warm friends gatherings.. Romance ..Cuddling .. intimacy ....Sipping Hot chocolate from a huge mug where both your hands are warming up by the hold of your mug ..Chocolate of all types … lots of tea .. American coffee.. Sa7lab.. Cinnamon hot drink 2erfeh " we call it Eainer " .. Lo2met el qadi "also known as 3awwameh" .. Cookies .. ma2routa .. chestnuts "kastana"

Soups "especially lentil soup ".. Heaters.. Fire places.. Reading lots of books and magazines.. Nice TV series and movies.. Walks under the rain .. Snowman.. snowballs.. Snow hikes.. Snow while it falls .. Heavy clothing .. Heavy elegant coats… waist length jackets with nice collar.. Less flesh showing " well some don't let cold weather stop them !" .. Trendy boots.. Scarves of all types .. heavy cologne .. play cards.. barjees "some know it as barzees ,and some don't even know it . For the last type , its an old traditional game played with special stones and a cloth where you have to move the stones " ..

Long nights where you can get enough sleep.. Fog "its almost like living on clouds" .. the lovely washed color and smell of horizon and sky after rain .. Napping in you balcony letting warm winter sun cover you "not for long time though, its harmful" .. better hair .. healthier skin .. Suspense and horror movies.. Romantic movies..

**Update ** Fairooz angelic voice in the early rainy and foggy mornings

These are some of the things that sounds Wintry to me.. And despite the fact that I freeze in cold weather , and that my hands never ever get warm .. Yet I am in love with this beautiful season ..

Share some of your thoughts if you felt like it ..


Abed. Hamdan said...

hmm, mafhemtesh where did all these things go ??

ma3lesh, ana mabor fi 7alet '3aba2 shadeed, so u have to excuse me shwayye :s

abu_shakuush said...

other nice things about winter: mud some people call it jla6a some people call it 6een. walking in the rain and the cars splash you with water. driving and other cars splashing you with water. getting stuck in a traffic jam in the rain. wet socks. should i go on? i like you post but i never likeed winter. the best thing about winter is the free hair wash you get in the rain :-) that was a joke:-)

Summer said...

Danah, you make winter seems so romantic!! maybe parts of it are IF you have a warm home and warm clothes to go with it, if have your own nice warm car to drive, and like Abu shakuush mention about car splashing, this time you will be splashing the poor walking ones!! but you are doomed if you have to ride public transportation! i do not like winter..i do not like heavey clothing and i do not like snow, rain,wind or cold..i am a summer type of person!! But I have to admit, the writing is lovely! :)

Tamara said...


Amazing ! I love winter too, its a time to relax not so many social obligations, not so many visitors, Amman a bit less crowded. but I prefer rain to snow, I love to watch the snow fall during the night but next morning or the following day when it starts to thow !

But I agree with summer, Allah ye3een elnas.

(Tealover) said...

:) that's okay Abed salamet 3a2lak .. its not you .. but I was blabbering about my favorite things in winter ..

Abu Shakuush
True .. thats the OTHER SIDE of winter .. and that's why so many people hates it .. and we all hate Wet socks .. I can see your point ..

Summer ..
I know :).. that how I've been seeing it for the past few years .. but I am also aware of those who are needy and whom can barely find warmness in their houses .. especially with fuel prices inflation .. but winter also makes us more considerate to others conditions and misfortunes .. and to God's blessings on us for having a warm roof and a hot meal ..
Thank you for for coming :)..

Tamara ..

That's how I feel about it too Tamara .. its all about renew your innerself and cuddle .. and even your outerself .. skin .. hair .. gets healthier and cleaner .. ?I too love snow when it falls but hate it the next day when it starts to thow ..

I agree with both of you and Summer .. Allah y3een elnas ..

Red Rose said...

hi sweet Dana,I like your style in describing this..very inspiring,,but 3endi talab zgiir mennk ;) your writing in red font behind pink back ground makes checking ur blog not easy aliitle bit ;) if you can change the font color It would be grate,,It's up 2 u of course ;)

(Tealover) said...

Red Rose :) ..

Thank you for your sweet words .. and DONE .. ;)

ABOUD said...

Well, sometimes it is really nice, some other times I hate it.

It depends on the mood, for me when I have a good company, I just love the sound of the wipers (2oo2, 2oo2) but not to be so loudy of course :)

But with these stupid bad manholes that we have in our lovely amman, some time rain is a BIG problem, wether you are walking or driving.

sharifo said...

Iam not a winter guy,,but sometimes you find yourself enjoying your said all things nice to do in the winter specially Movies and reading books and for sure Music..I don't know why but I LOOOOOOOOVE fairouz and coldplay in the winter...
Keep the high mood on !!

Abdullah said...

Well I can see the bias of Siter Summer against Winter, after all she is named Summer :).
But I share with you 100% your opinion and you love for Winter.
Personally I can cope with Winter by wearing warmer clthing and it does not have to be heavy, as my winter coat is lite yet very warming (filled with dawn), same with blankets. But in Summer there is a limit of how much clothes you can take off your body to get cool
and I hate getting hot and sweaty and wind that brings sand and dust in addition to heat.
The bottom line is that if the country is well equipped for winter then people will enjoy their Winters more.
Don't forget the free time off when you get a snow storm. living in semi tropical area makes me long for winter....
I LOVE WINTER, call me icy man call me snow man, rain man, cold man, enen Eskimo man, what ever I don't care. I LOVE WINTER ;)
Nice post Danah!

(Tealover) said...

lol .. 2oo2 2oo2 ,, that does sound the like the wiper indeed Aboud :) ..our infrastructure is not ready to receive a lot of rain i suppose !

SaNnooor Sharifo :)
It has totaly slipped my mind .. YESSSS .. FAIROOZ is one of the most imprortant things in winter time , especially mornings .. I enjoy her songs to the max in rainy and foggy days ...

So Abduallah looks I have someone who shares my feelings towards winter .. so we are both looking at the full side of the cup .. and its true .. you can always add up cloths to keep yourself warmer in winter .. yet in summer there is a limit !

Enjoy your winter .. does it snow in tropical areas ?

Abdullah said...

of course it snows, in my dreams of course

Abed. Hamdan said...

tab ma2olteelee..who are these people o what happened to them ??

what happened to all these moments ??

why don't you do these things again ?

en3ajaget lol

sorry i feel stupid!! wallah ma ana fahem!

(Tealover) said...

So Abdullah as a winter lover .. I believe your current residence misses and important element of winter .. snow =)..

Abed !!
what people dear ? I have only listed things that I love about winter .. that relate to winter .. hay hieh kol el 2ossa =)

Mala2e6 said...


every season has its magical moments,3anjadd it is so strange or not,that what u mentioned,almost all of it is what i love about winter.specialy chocolate(but take care don't odrink too much of it it causes renal pain)

I love the snow but hate it when it lasts too long in the streets and mix with mud and driving becomes an impossible mission

I love winter but i also love summer(the blogger and the season)

I love summer afternoons and nites

now i feel so guilty enjoying all this while others sufer,i cannot sleep one nite in winter without thinking of those who have no heating or even blankets..i say some prayer that God look after them..and hope for the best..

7ala said...

Nice post Dandosh , and so warm although its about winter!

Abdullah said...

Danah, sa7 its semi tropical and no snow but currently abrad min 3amman last night it went below zero... a7eeeeeeeeeeee

Tamara said...

Danah ....

It has been a week since you have blogged any thing !?

(Tealover) said...

Oh Mala2e6 I love Gerard's hot chocolate .. ice cream .. sa7lab .. everything there is yummy ! I should post something in this regard one day ! I like summer .. the blogger more than the season :) though ..
but I too whenever my mind run to less fortuntate people in winter I feel a sting in the heart ..

7ala :) ..thank you .. that was the point to show the good things about winter ..

Abdullah .. so I guess this is as good as it could get where you live ;) ..


yeah I know .. running out of ideas .. and feeling lazy -you know me lol - .. I am sticking to reading and commenting on others blogs these days :) .. maybe during weekend .. I'll come up with something ..