Thursday, November 16, 2006

Is it a state of mind ?

Sometimes you get so frustrated and depressed that you feel your stomach will blow out any minute because of stress building up inside.

It starts like little twitches in your stomach, that builds later to a huge invisible -yet felt- knot in the center of it, and on the way a little furnace in your lungs, that heats up your exhale every time you take and withdraw a breath . That later during the day, it becomes a noticeably annoying and effort-needed process to breathe.

And when that happens, you no longer feel like you can keep up the good, friendly behavior with people around and you no longer stand any out-of-line comments or words, nor you can tolerate people's "sense of humor" because you are totally out of mood. You hold your tongue and nerves a million times, so you wont jeopardize your "Calm friendly character" and spell out something that would hurt them , you wish if people understand but they wont, and You just want everyone around you to shut up, and leave you sink in your own puddle of frustration and depression .

You could've had worst days, yet you were able to handle them better, but there are other days that the smallest thing may trigger your frustration and pick it up to highest levels, where you no longer can take it. It could be a broken phone line, an undone business, a comment that you did not really need to hear, an answered phone, a hang out you prepared for yet it was last minute canceled, or simply waking up on the wrong side of the bed. It could be a million silly things that triggered that nasty feeling in you to invade your system like a wild wave.

And the worst part is that this "feeling" is usually an irreversible thing in a one day interval , I mean , you cannot just switch back to norm within same day , your system and body are simply too much infected with the poisons of your status of mind , that it will take a whole day to flush. So all you could wish for is , to have the day pass fast ,and to spend it away from others , or at least the way you want with the people you like, where you can start maintaining the damages , hoping that an overnight sleep will finish it and freshen you up again the next day .


Qwaider قويدر said...

I don't think its irreversible! Some frustrations try to nail from your day and fail. Others .... will just not go away.
Bottom line, don't feel frustrated, is one of the wasted human emotions that is neither productive nor comforting. Better yet, face the issues and remove it out of the way!

(Tealover) said...

May be people's ability to reverse it varies from one person to another .. some can just brush it away and MOVE .. some need their "time out" ..
though it is unproductive nor comforting .. it is one of the heaviest and silliest human feelings ..

Anonymous said...

Dana, human feelings can never be silly wharever they are.
when you feel something, then you feel it. It can't be silly. It must be respected.

and life goes on... said...

I blieve the solution is to stay alone for a while, to spend time with yourself! Sometimes this would be what we miss the most, what we need the most... yet we don't realise it!

Dar said...

Yeah mazboot , it never ends ina one day ionterval , its like repetitive cycle , one leads to another , gradual building of frustration to silly thing all yr day long .... leading to endless stupid behaviour ...... You just wish to be felt alone in order not to cause more damage or to be exposed to more irritating situations !

Good post , i love it ! Wish it wasnt that bad , and it will all vanish with the weekend :)


Abed. Hamdan said...

I'm stuck in this mood since last January

sharifo said...

And the crazy part is when your friends - people el mafrood befhamook - make it worse by estemating this feeling.." aal eish..sharif el youm mesh raye2 "
sometimes you get stucked in this for all your relationship with people you know..and the end you find that :
ain't nothing and nobody worth it
calming yourself till that next frustration..Ces't la vie...

(Tealover) said...

Anon ..
I am not underestimiating human feelings .. I am only saying that frustratin puts alot of restrain on person .. thanks for coming by ..

I too believe the same .. a self time away from others is so much needed sometimes to get over the frustration & deprission .. there is a good chance that other whom we like or love , cause this without them knowing it .. & welcome to my blog ..

Thats exactly what I was talking about ... thank you .. it will inshallah ..

That a long period my friend .. you should find a vent for your frustration .."look who is talking !"

Very True Ces't la .. we all have those reviews and evaluations .. but it should turn out good .. its only a period .

ArabLady said...

I mean , you cannot just switch back to norm within same day , your system and body are simply too much infected with the poisons of your status of mind


Personally I have stress and anger management probz...i guess its all about our attitude and the way we react to things bugging us….

Tamara said...


I hope its not as bad as you have described it, I love what " and life goes on" said its so true sometimes we just need time for our selves, when is the last time you sat dawn with your self and asked what's really bothering Danah ? when did you last do something for our selves, I believe that we tend to neglect our selves and push our selves for the sake of others and then we wonder why does the simplest thing tick us of.

Hope you feel better soon, take my advise and take some time for your self ...and yes buy new shoes that's always the best thing

(Tealover) said...

ArabLady ..

It could be about our attitude .. and it could be that our buttons where being pushed real deep on that specific moment that we no longer can take it .. thank you for coming by dear ..

I see that as the best solution too Tamara .. I need to reprioritizes things ..
and you know what .. I can use a couple of new pair of shoes ;)..

MQabbai said...


well , am the CRAZY one of this thigns , am used to put smile in my face all time , even out mood but how ture is it nodody know, when get out of mood the first thing is my nick name in MSN changed,some time mobiles off , and go to some place alone , and get a strong yelling , and some time i had to kick somthing WALL Table , or had kind of wrestling fight with some one of the BIG frind ... dono just when get out of mood its mean OUT OF MOOD dam i hate that cuz your frind just get SAD face and say why u talk to me like that ... try not to be or get out of mood , am the kind who make u SMILE so it's hard not to be in mood ...

nice post :)

(Tealover) said...

MQabbai ... I guess all of what you described refer tohow one need to free the frustration negative energy and let it go out .. whether by yelling ot kicking things or even fighting..
thank you for passing by :)and for your sweet words.