Thursday, November 09, 2006

YEPPPY!!! I am back :)

Finally !!!! I can view my blog again , after having some technical problem for exactly one week , I can announce cheerfully that my blog is completely recovered . I can write and see my posts again :) !

I kind of lost hope that it will come back again , sending more than one email to the blogger support , getting one poor response , and seeing no action taken , put me down a bit , and I started thinking that I will probably have to stick to a new blog , and forget all about this one , which I like very much by the way , feels like a part of me. Oh well, I can get dramatic sometimes..

I never thought that I would get this much hooked into blogging , and to tell you the truth , when I started blogging , it took me some time to make it public and feel easy about that .Then it took me more time to start feeling "Normal and secured" about writing something down , knowing that anyone can access that and read it . It may sound a bit childish, but I always felt like "PREPARING" for my next post, sort of a homework thing - Oh yeah , can hear a snorts of laughter ! , that my fellow bloggers explains why I am such a lazy blogger , but anyway , I think I am somehow over that !

Well , I want to thank you all for you sweet support during my blog "crises", whether by offering help , or simply commenting and asking . And a special thanks to Qwaider , for his kind gesture , letting my posts appear fully on Qwaider Planet during the past week , thanks a bunch !


Summer said...

Welcome back!! Tinzeker w ma ten3ad!

alibaabaa said...

lololoeshhhh. but i have one question how did you jump that high in the air? hum...interestin!

abdullah said...

Welcome back

Dar said...

Welcome back , bs what was the problem exactly , eno incase lasama7a allah sarat ma3i ....


(Tealover) said...

Summer :)
Thank you very much.. inshallah ..

LOL .. ever heard of trampoline and joy ?! thse are a deadly mixture ;) ..

wont jump it though :)

Abduallah :)
Thank you .. and thanks for stepping by as well :)

Thanks :) .. my blog was missing , every time I hit the address bar it gave me the following error "We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request".. I joined into one of blogger help groups m and thats how it got fixed .

sharifo said...

Samdela 3al 7alama,,asdi 7amdela 3al salam...nawatri !!

Abed. said...

Welcome back :)

blogging like a homework , actually this is one symptom of blog're not alone ;)

Abed. Hamdan said...

im the one who wrote the previous "Abed" comment, dang i hate beta blogger

Ala'a Ibrahim said...

Congratulations, glad your back to blogging again.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

WB i always have a blog cirsis :P

(Tealover) said...

Allah ysallmak :) .. thx !

Sooo .. this is one of the symptoms .. ! and I figured it out that you are the same Abed ;).

Ala's ibrahim
Thanks :) .. and congrat's on your blog .. glad its back and running ;) .. ma tshofshi we7esh ya rab .. thx for stepping by :)

Islamic chocoholic
Thanks :) you too ! well .. you should try blogger support groups , they prooved tobe very good :)

lammoush said...

welcome back :)

3lool said...




I ATTRACTED TO ((Have you ever ? ))SO MUCH



(Tealover) said...

Thanks :) .. and welcome to my blogspot .

Thank you :) , and I am glad that you like what you're reading here .. I agree I get carried away with the stuff I write , and don't realize its that long until I post it !
Anyway , glad to see you here :)

Abed. Hamdan said...

im addicted to everything that wastes my time;)

7ala said...

Welcome back ya 3sl , sorry for being late :)

Tamara said...

Welcome back Danah !! I'm so glad I'm having a bad day, and when I checked your blog and fount it....I wanted to jump for joy : D

(Tealover) said...

Hey Abed .. you should watch it out .. you are about to graduate .. aren't you ;)

7ala ya 7ala

Thanks sweets :) .. and thank you for coming by.


Okay , imagining the jumping part , puts me into giggles .. lol :) .. thank you very much for passing by ..

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