Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Busted !

I knew this ought to happen sooner or later, someone will recognize something, a title, a photo , a little piece of info. , anyone accidentally dropping by my blog .
Well , to start with , I knew that most of my friends don't really blog or know about this blogging community thing .Actually , I was the one who brought this matter up to them in different occasions , and some has heard of it , some never heard of it , all in all , no one seemed to be that interested in knowing what could it be about . So , I thought , well , no harm to stay anonymous , only known through my blog ID , and the posts that I write down every now and then .

" Masks we hide behind"

Some of us , may have came clean about their identities letting everybody know who they are , and what they do in life , sharing sometimes the intimate details about their daily routine . while, others may have enrolled into this blogging habit, as an escape, writing down whatever, they want, to discuss, to share or feel, knowing that they could be wandering all by their own on their blogsphere , or they could be fortunate enough to have others feel interested about what they bring out on their spaces , and pay them a visit every now and then Yet , they manage keeping a decent space between them and the people whom they interact with behind the blogging ID's.

"The mysterious us "

So when it comes to the internet world, no matter how individuals try to keep their anonymity, there will be someone who would recognize them. And in so many cases , we provide the tools to be recognized .We may have started with a low profile , but with time , we tend to leak scattered pieces of information here and there , that would make the pick up and the gather of it easily achieved .And sometimes , we may do this unconsciously , wanting –in our deep inner selves- someone to recognize us .


Qwaider قويدر said...

it's all about the breadcrumbs ... we leave a trail ... and people follow ...
It's so easy to drown in the ocean of anonymity, making friends, and relationships that you never would have dreamt of having. Yet, keeping an electronic distance!!
I can't imagine how similar our ideas about these things are. Who know....
Anyway, if you turn out to be a relative, an old friend ... or anything ... I wasn't able to figure you out ;-)

Take it easy, you have a blog to be proud of, nothing to be ashamed of .. Masha2allah ...
Keep it up, and keep the wonderful ideas coming ...

(Tealover) said...

True .. people follow the trail .. and internet can be delusional sometimes

Great minds think alike ;) .. who knows ..

:) I feel pretty good about my blog .. 7amdellah.

Summer said...

It took me a while to start blogging. I do not think that I have an interesting life or out of the ordinary life but I thought writing down maybe would be nice to read when I am old and have nothing to do!!
I knew all along that if and when I start blogging I would not be as anonymous as I would like to be. But this is how I am, open book to all...Others are pretty good in “hiding” their true identity for whatever reason they want, unlike me, I am not good at that...but I have been enjoying blogging and sharing.
I have painted a picture about all the anonymous bloggers I read for, it is kind of amusing to have an idea in your head about them that might be unreal and untrue at all. we all aim at accpetance and fitting in within a community, and this is one of the reasons we blog i guess.what comes through the blog reflects your true person from the inside. I like your blog. :)

the caller said...

Asalam 3alaykom,
loved your post,missed you danah..and thank u for welcoming me on Q' nice..
I've been both..soooooooo open and told everything about myself..yet at one time i hid my identity when i had things to say privatly..anyway..virtually we can be anyone..the question we harm anyone?
only in that case it would be wrong.
you are so sweet danah..that's why you're TAGGED!! pick it up from my blog:P:):)

(Tealover) said...

I had the same idea when i started blogging .. that in years from now .. I'll have this vivid interactive space on the net , where i can get back to , and see all what i had to write back then -now- that is of course if i stopped writing at some point , which does not seem possible now :)..
And i agree with you about this paint issue , it's just that we create the personalities of whom we interact with in the blogsphere.. so at some point , one feels so familiar about them ..

the caller
It's so good to have you back :), I hope all is well with you. i agree with you .. we shouldn't our anonymity to hurt anyone ..
TAGGED! .. hehehe , okay , let me drop by your blog and see what's all that about .. ;)

ABOUD said...

nice post

(Tealover) said...

Thank ABOUD .. I was inspired into this ;)

zeid koudsi said...

I belive sometimes internet is an escape for people with social disorder.w

(Tealover) said...

Thanks for passing by my blog !
well, I could say , yes, this could be one sort of escape from the real world, although , this was not the type I meant in my post here .