Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Longest day ever

Ever had the feeling that.. This day ain't ending! Minutes are more like hours.. it takes forever for a 5 minutes to pass , and an hour feels more like half a day ! And on top of all of that no urgent work to finish or do, nor I feel like doing anything today, and I finished all topics and small office talks for the day , I do not feel like browsing the net nor reading anything and I still have annoying traces of summer flu which makes me have this gross gluey feeling . Its one of those lost days which you know that you cannot get back, you feel sorry for losing them , because it’s a day minus your life without any flavor in it .. Those days tend to start as ordinary days, however, as the day hours pass by, one realize the slow motion of everything around. And amazingly enough, you aren't the only person who would feel this way, as if it is something real that others also sense! Everything seems to take forever in it , and action that would consume at least two hours of your day , finishes in about half an hour , which again adds more meaningless hours to your day.

How come we feel some days are soooooooo long, while other days pass in a heart beat?


Qwaider قويدر said...

Time flies when you're having fun!

Only when you're at work, you get these feelings. Remind me not to hire you to work for me ;)

Whenever I get that feeling, I try to snatch work from other people and do it. If I'm busy all day, the day passes in a flash. But there are so many days where I've wished to have more than 24 hours, a lot more

(Tealover) said...

ha ha ha ... lol .. I have to admit , I have some of those " Do-not- feel- like-working- today!" days .. but can't help it ! I am an honest worker .. umm .. most of the time ! but again ..I guess we all have have those days ..

Osaid Rasheed said...

I dont think that these are 'lost days in our life.They have much importance I think.
They puch yu to think a little more about life and our presence in it.
good posts
good day

(Tealover) said...

I can see what you mean :) but sometimes there are days that are totally flavorless more like when you eat odorless tasteless food .. you have chewed it , digested it .. you took out the needed energy yet you have not enjoyed the process .. but again .. every day in our lives counts ..

Thanks Osaid for your comment :) ..

Abdullah said...

My experience in life shows the days that are full of fun and enjoyment pass so fast, while the opposite days linger for so long that you want to blow up.
Yet both are days of our lives, they will never come back again, and will take us down the road closer to our final end. Our challenge is how to make those days an asset to our accounts and not a liability.
Lots of us forget that fact, as they are involved in the events of that day. Wise people are the ones who keep taking themselves out of the flow of events, and take a break to evaluate, and think about what they have accomplished to make that day an asset rather than a liability.
We Muslims supposed to be the most that do that through our daily prayers, but unfortunately we fail to do so.
We need to learn and practice to value time, utilize it be and added asset for our own happiness on the Day of Judgment. We have to fulfill our purpose of life, which is stated in the ayah " Wa ma khalaqtu eljina walensa ela liya3budoon".

Your article, as many of what I read for you so far, does make me contemplate. Although, you may have not intended so. As you grow older you will feel you will need to contemplate more often.
Thank you

(Tealover) said...

Abdullah ..

True .. the happy days fly .. and the dull creep !

you are absolutely right in what you mentioend about us the Muslims and how the five prayers are one way to evaluate the day and nake their day an asset rather than a liability ..
the thing is , this type of info. sinks in us for a long time , but we need someone or something to ring our bills to revive it back to our lives.
you are prasing me with your words , I have wrote that as a personal thought . and I agree , as we graw older , we tend to meditate and contemplate more about , our lives , what are we doing , and are we doing the right thing .

commenting on your comments has been a joy for me .

Psatact94 said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm curious, anyone want to talk about their longest day ever? What happened?

(Tealover) said...

What do you mean Anon ?

Anonymous said...

I just meant the story behind the longest day ever. I was just asking for anyone to describe their longest day ever.

Anonymous said...

I think what Anon means is that everyone has their own story of their longest day ever. I've seen it on forums; they're kind of fun to read sometimes. Anyone want to talk about theirs?

Anonymous said...

I agree. I guess I'll start. There was a day in July when I bought something a couple of days before. I was expecting it at 2:45, which is when UPS delivers to my area. I remember getting up at 8:00 and having to wait 7 (since they actually delivered it a 3) excruciatingly endless hours. As the original author of this post said in hers, I had no work to do. I tried to watch a TV show, but they all seemed to last forever, but they were really only a half-hour. I thought the batteries in all the clocks were broken, unfortunately for me I checked them, they weren't! My brother wasn't awake yet so we couldn't go out anywhere. I still don't know how I got through those hours.

Anonymous said...

This may sound stupid but I wonder if the clothes you wear affect how fast it seems like time is passing. I realize the clothes you wear often depend on what you're doing, but still, I wonder. I know for some strange reason for me, when I wear jeans, it seems like time really slows down, but anything else is usually normal.