Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Imperfections.. spices of personality

So .. its about time for another post .. been a while .. hasn’t it ?!

My friend and I were having a cozy chat the other day over some coffee , in the middle of the conversation , she said something that made me think , she said , people ,tend to look up the faults and imperfections instead of appreciating the personalization of flaws .

Humans .. are perfectionists by nature , we all aspire to get the perfect education , the perfect job , the perfect car , the perfect life and the perfect partner , its in our genes , but , when we look closer , we see that our lives and choices are further away from perfect , we try , we put the guidelines , and we take a look , then study , and measure , assess the good and bad , and then we announce our verdict .

It could be a valid procedure, when it comes to things that we buy , eventually , we need the value of our purchases to match what we have paid . But, when its non-purchasable value or entity, does the same method apply? As in , choosing friends or more precisely life partners ? Is it the same when we choose people whom we may think of as a possible partner? or is that if we fell in love , we no longer see imperfections ,We simply see what we want to see and forget all about those flaws we usually think of as a deal breaker ? So ,if its love , then no imperfections would be visible . But again, falling in love is the perfect case of finding the life partner, because , the real things is , far , far away ..

The thing is .. as we walk along the path of our lives ,and as we make our decisions , scan and sort people out , we should remember a small thing , that even though we aspire and believe that we deserve perfection in all what we intend to have and live with .. that still, we , ourselves, are far away from perfect .And that flaw s, those small imperfections ,personalizes us , as well as those around us , differentiate us and makes us simply , more spicy , unique and special .


Arab Lady said...


First of all welcome back….
Second, please allow me to disagree with you Dana. Human beings are not perfectionist by nature! Who said so ….
Some people are hungry for more success though, more money, more fame …etc …..
But I still believe that perfectionism leads you to unhappiness & unsatisfaction

Hareega said...

waaal shu zaman! good to see you back!

Salam Zayed said...

Good call Dana :)

There are no absolutes..when it comes to human being..

Perfectionism is a good a first try...but we all then go to less...


(Tealover) said...

Hey Arab Lady :) ..THANKS :) ..

I totally agree with you , that perfectionism leads to unhappy and unsatisfactory life .. well , some people are greedy , and that's why they go for more fame , money and success .. but being perfectionist would include the no flaws version of something .. that why some people would never go a head and buy something or marry someone , because they simply cannot find a flawless match .. and of course I am using that as an example .. not limiting it to this case :)..

(Tealover) said...

Hareegaaaa ..

sho zamaaan 3annak :) .. yeah been a while since i blogged or read any .. I am technically "creeping" back to the world of blogs .. so .. hehe

Thanks for commenting :)

(Tealover) said...

Thanks Salam :) ..

I totally agree .. no one is absolute.. and that's true , we all go for less , because we realize how illogical perfectionism as a choice is .. its good to see you @ my blog :) thanks for coming by ..

Miss sea lover said...

yah it has been a long time..

i have only one thing to say, it is not like when we love someone that we stop see his/ her flaws, life is about comprimising, and knowing that there is no one is perfect, that's y we start ignoring the flaws in order to have a good partener, remebering that this human comes in a full package that can't be custimuized according to our needs...again...welcome back dear

Qwaider قويدر said...

It's been sooooooooooo long .. I missed you and your wisdom soooooooo much
As for perfectionism... well .. Not all people are like that. But we are compelled to do certain things in the best way we can!

Missed you!

Take care ... and keep it up

(Tealover) said...

Hey Miss Sea Lover :) ..
I totally agree with you .. no customization is available .. we should .. compromise and set out priorities ..:)

Thanks for dropping by ;) .

(Tealover) said...

Hey Qwaider :) ..its good to see you here :).. I always miss being here .. it always feels good to be here and write down my mind .. relieving .. in away ..

Thanks for dropping by :)

Arab Lady said...

disappeared again :)

(Tealover) said...

LOL .. don't worry Arab Lady :) .. I am back .. this time .. i wont disappear .. I just .. take long rests .. allow the muse to work out :)

Willa said...

Thanks for writing this.

(Tealover) said...

:) Thanks Willa for taking the time to read it :)

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