Friday, March 21, 2008

Almost back ,,,

In a couple of months it will be almost a year .. Since the last time I typed a post and blogged it .. Why did I stop ? Was I too busy to blog ? well, at first yes , for a while I was overwhelmed with work and life , I couldn’t post anything and I also couldn’t read my favorite blogs . It could be bad time management issue as well .. of course , later on , things got calmer , and I felt guilty for not blogging anymore , and for some reason I felt like I lost my blogging sense ..

So! What have I been up to for the past year? well , had a busy year at work , and a busy summer , spent a cool vacation in Syria , Cairo , Petra & RUM . Autumn was kind of depressing on all levels, socially and work wise, for some reason I was relieved that 2007 came to an end, and looking forward for a new fresh start with 2008. Unfortunately , 2008 did not start as good as I anticipated , mid January , I got my car glass’s broken , and my laptop robbed from my car , while I was buying something from a nearby home Supermarket , the bad thing was , I did not have a backup for my work , but I could manage eventually . So that was the first incident! During February , I got almost mugged by two men while withdrawing money from a main street ATM , if it wasn’t for God’s mercy I would’ve had my money & probably my car stolen from me . Will tell you the full story in another post, apparently, this kind of robbery is a trend lately in Amman with prices inflation, so be aware!

I feel like I missed a lot in blogging world , and I feel out of practice , that’s why I hesitated to write again , and whenever I received another heartwarming comment from my friends among bloggers , I felt the urge to write again , and tonight I just did . My fingers feel rusty and my stream of thoughts is still a bit frozen , but I guess it’s a matter of couple of posts , and hopefully I’ll be back on track .

Thank you all .. I guess I am back!


Qwaider قويدر said...

Are you back for real!?

I missed your writing SOOOOOOOO much

(Tealover) said...

LOL .. YES .. :) I am back .. until I run out of thoughts again I guess .. :) .. you know what .. I REALLY missed blogging .. turned out it kept my life balanced and sane .. was the perfect breather for me in this busy life ..

Thanks Qwaider :).. my writings are flattered ;) .. I hope I still got the talent :) !

I missed reading your blog and my other favorites as well :) .. been a while ..

nido said...

Danah!! We blog about our days and you blog about your seasons!!
Missed you so much! Really:) And I hope you never stop again! and never run out of thoughts! Not for a whole year at least:D
Welcome baaaaack :D

(Tealover) said...

Thanks Nido :)))) ..

LOL .. exactly , you got it right .. seasons ! :) I'm back for sure this time inshallah .. at least for a year ;) ..

Rasha said...

Now i'm getting sentimental...
Very much warm welcomes for my sweet danah.
Missed u and ur spirit and writings and thank god I know now that u're fine.
Now, girl u have to pay.heheh i want it all in details...maleesh da3wah :D

7ala said...

Welcome back Danah, we missed you wallah :) jad zaman 3annek ya benti!

3ala fekra, kol ma elwa7ed t2akhar beseer as3ab eno yerja3!

so ma t6waly elghaibeh marra tanyeh :)

Anonymous said...

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Arab Lady said...


Happy to c u around

welcome back ya bent!

Tamara said...


This is great news, I have missed you :) hey your the only blogger I've seen face to face !

(Tealover) said...

Hey Tamara :) Thanks !!

I missed you too .. by the way .. that's post is over 2 months old :) .. I should be have something to put on soon inshallah ! ..

How are things with you .. I guess I should check your blog to see what's up with you :)

thanks for passing by mine :)

(Tealover) said...

Rasha & 7ala :) .. I have just seen your comments as well :) .. sadly .. I'm not checking mu blog as I should ..

Anyway :) thank you for passing by .. I miss reading for you .. :) I hope life is treating you nicely :) ..