Sunday, December 03, 2006

Answering the book TAG

A new wave of tagging is hitting the blogsphere shore lately .

I've been tagged by my sweet humours fellow blogger Mala2e6 to answer a very nice and short tag .

So here I am responding to the TAG attack !

the tag rules says :

-Grab the book closest to you
-Open to page 123-Scroll down to the 5th sentence
-Post the text of next 3 sentences on your blog
-Name of the book and the author
-Tag 3 people

And here is the answer ..

القطن الفلسطيني انقطع بعد عقدين من الزمان , يوم جعل ظاهر العمر مدينة عكا كرسي حكمه في اواسط الأربعينات من القرن الثامن عشر , و أفلح , بمؤازرة ابراهيم الصباغ , مدير اعماله المالية و مستشاره السياسي منذ مدة مديدة , في ان يحل نفسه وسيطا بين

التجار الفرنسيين و تلك القرى اللتى تزرع القطن بين القرى الخاضعة لــه....ـ

اسم الكتاب : اعادة اكتشاف فلســطين - اهالي جبل نابلــس 1700-1900

اسم المؤلف : بشــارة دومـــاني

Tags goes to , and I am not sticking to 3 , because I thought it is such a nice easy task :

Abdullah ( even though you don't have a blog )

and Finally Dar (although you have such an interesting funny idea when it comes to books on your profile ;)

Anyone is more than welcome to answer the TAG on the comment section as well , it would be nice to know what do others read about .

And since Summer started this TAG , yet did not answer it , so here I am tagging you Summer !
**updated ** 7ala .. you are tagged :)


Summer said...

Danah, it will be up on my blog soon. thanks

Mala2e6 said...


good morning
thanks ,seems like a nice book ,the last arabic book i read was Banat el Riyadh and it was really a good one..couldn't leave it till it was finished.if u haven't read it yet make sure u do

(Tealover) said...

I didn't know you were tagged by Lisa :) .. yalla , no harm being tagged from 2 different sources .


Saba7 elward .. good morning to you too..

well so far .. it is , kind of infortamtive , a lot of things inside I had no idea about .. and as long as I don't have to be tested with what's in it .. it's fun to read it :) . and this is the first Arabic book I read in a long while too !

I heard about this book |Banat el Riyadh" before , I remember , maybe I should get it and try it out.

sharifo said...

saba7 el kheir...
Ma shofet el comment ela wana bel maktab, we kaman showai 3ena meeting ma3 ajanebs, a3ed ba7ader my english...IAM DOES !!
thanks 3al tag...bas 2ala2i eishi momken asameeh " ktab " ill do it


7ala said...

Although I hate tags but this one is really cool :)

Tamara said...

Thanks Danah for the tag : )

check my blog ...

Dar said...

Tag answered !


Abed. Hamdan said...

Hi dear friend..what a book! bravo :)

شو قصة بنات الرياض ؟؟ كتير صرت سامع عنو..

حاسس اسمو اسم تجاري..

شكلكم طلعتوه براسي..

Mala2e6 said...

بعد اذتك دانا


صاير تسمع كتير

بنات الرياض قصة كتبتها رجاء الصانع و هي طبيبة اسنان سعودية عمرها 23 سنة
الكتاب على شكل ايميلات لياهو غروب اسمه فضيحة دوت كم

عن اربع بنات سعوديات

طبعا الكتاب ممنوع بالسعودية لانه بيحكي عن طبقة قبل الفوق بشوي و عن حياتهم و علاقاتاهم و قصص تانية ما بتناسب المجتمع السعودي اللي مفروض متحفظ

القصة ممتعة انا عجبتني

بس اشتريها من البلد انا اشتريتها من الصويفية ب 7 دنانير و نص .يعني الكتب العربي ارخص من هيك بكتير و بابلد بتكون يمكن ب 3

(Tealover) said...

Masa elkhair sharifo no problem , take you time , and hope your meeting went well :) .

Ahlan 7ala :) .. yes it is ! why don't you have it on your blog .. I am tagging you too .. yalla 3eeshi ;) .. lol

Tamara you're welcome dear :) .. I've checked it and left you a comment there ..

Thanks Dar :).. i have checked it .. lots of medical stuff !

Hey Abed ahlan wa sahlan :) .. thx , lets see you answer the tag then :) ..
and I guess Mala2e6 has covered the 2nd part :) of your question .

Thanks Mala2e6 for sharing this info. with us :). thething that I recall about this title that it has raised a lot of arguments .. but I could check it out and see for myself !

Abdullah said...

Here you go:
In 1623 there were said to be only 36 Rosicrucians in Europe, scattered about in six different countries, though many prominent figures have been associated with them, including Leonardo da Vinci, Cornelius Heinrich Agrippa, Dante, Rene Descartes, Blaise Pascal, Issac Newton, Gottfried Leibnitz, Christopher Wren, Benjamin Franklin(a Rosicrucian colony was established in Philadelphia in the seventeenth century), Thomas Jefferson, Michael Faraday, Claude Debussy, and Erik Satie. Unlike other orders which sought to recruit and expand their mempership, the Rosicrucians seem to have been genuinely more discrete and discerning. Allegiance was to one's true self
and not to the order."
The Secret Societies handbook, Michael Bradely,2004 Gusto Company AS

7ala said...

Thank you dandosh :)

Abed. Hamdan said...

ya hala Dana :)


والله صاير أسمع كتير ,الظاهر ذاني بتكبر بالشتا !!

بإربد هاي الكتب بتكون ب5 دنانير, او 3 دنانير,

خلص بشتريه, ما أنا فاضي أشغال, بطلت أدرس لانو أخر فصل ومش فارقة معي :)

(Tealover) said...

Thanks Abdullah for answering the Tag .. the name of the book sounds juicy .. for some reason it feels like it has to do something with "elmasoniyeh" .. so its some kind of a secret geoup or interesting!

Anytime 7ala :)

LOL .. bel3ax Abed .. lazem teshed 7ailak la2eno akher fasel 7ata te7'las !

7ala said...

Done :-)