Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Random thoughts .. Piece of my journal

It has been a while since the last time I posted anything. I can't really think of anything specific to write about, other than the fact that the last couple of weeks passed way too fast and were kind of loaded, I managed to have 4 days away from work though, taking a day off between Christmas holiday and weekend. I was kind of forced into taking that day off , since the HR announced , that any left over vacation since 2005 should be taken , otherwise , they will be gone with the wind the moment 2007 starts ! And since I am the type of person, who does not know how to take random days off – call me crazy, but seriously, I don't feel a vacation is worthy, unless well planned to be spent somewhere else ! – So I still had a couple of days from the year 2005.

I spent a whole four days away from work stress , did not even dare to check my work email , since I did not want anything to disturb this inner peace I was feeling , being totally relaxed , away from stress , numbers , figures , proposals to be prepared , purchase orders to wait for , reports before the end of the year , customers queries to be answered , excuses to be made for out of hand delays and staying late to finish pending issues and going over it with the manager. So I had a nice little vacation , went shopping a bit , watched TV , read a bit , worked out , went in family visits and of course slept as much as I can .

I got back to work yesterday, and I feel that I am kind of being punished for having that day off, because of the amount of work that should be finished now! I was planning to take Thursday off too, now I am not quiet sure if this will work out, I need to be done with so many things. Everybody wants to close this year, wrap things up, calculate budgets for next year and start fresh and clean in 2007 .And you know something; I still find it weird that 7 years have passed since the starter of the new millennium, time passes REALLY fast.

That was random diary type post, its probably boring, but who said diaries should always be interesting to read !

Enjoy the rain.. I think I have to go back to work and I'll plug my headphones , listen to some Arabic oldies , they always work perfectly with rainy weather .. don't you think so ?


Summer said...

Enjoy the last few days of 2007! and look forward to another few days off for Al 3eed..hope you will have a good time.
I do not mind the rain but i do not like the sky cloudy!! i miss the sunshine already.
Oldies are always good, not only for rainy days...have a good day!

7ala said...

"I feel that I am kind of being punished for having that day off, because of the amount of work that should be finished now! "

I always have this feeling after having a day off... kollo be6la3 3arasi !

But its really great to have a time off away from work stress .

Reem said...

I love readin diaries!
I love oldies.. i'm lloking for some on the radio, but couldnt find any
I hate work!!!

Dar said...

Ya3ni enti 3endek 3otal men el 2004 ???! ya3ni momkn dalek t7awshi feehom o to5di saneh kamleh 3olteh , h3 !!


and life goes on... said...

I think TWICE before taking days off... actually i hardly take any days off- and every year I end up with at least 10 days not yet taken from my annual off days! And it's very true... taking days off means a HEADACHE When you're back.. it's horrible! Good luck...

(Tealover) said...

Thanks Summer :) .. I know how cloudy sky can be depressing, but on the other hand , we did not have a cloudy sky for a long time .. change is good .. but its freezing here , been snowing all day .. brrrrrr !

YES 7ala .. work piles up :S and we end up feeling guilty for taking that single day off .. but you know what :) it worked out and I am taking tomorrow off too :) .. 3o2balek ya 7ala ..

I love reading diaries too Reem:) , I enjoy them ! I hope you were able to listen to some , I left a website for you on your blog ..As for work .. i7em .. I share the feeling every time I get loaded with stuff to finish .. hehehe .. having endless vacation .. sounds like fun .. but I am sure I'll get bored at some point .. eah ..

Actually .. that was a typo Dar :) I meant since 2005 , I'll correct it on my post . LOL saneh kamleh ! ya rait .. next year I'll be having 28 days off gathered from 2006 and the upcoming 2007 .. I am planning to spend them in something fun .. inshallah :) !

I know what you mean Dima *sigh*.. but you know what , sometimes we need the days off .. and work should wait for us .. we are human after all , and we really need the time away from our daily routine .. thank you for the good luck wish :)

Sharifo said...

Very True,, its kinda of freaky thinking,, just few days ago I was taking my taujihi exams, iam finishing university now !!
time passes too fast without nothing big accumplished...

Happy new year and eid and chrismas and birthday and 3eed el 3omal wal mar2a wa kafet el a3yad el dawla el rasmiya !!

aa,,thanks for paasing by kaman !

(Tealover) said...

Shayef ballah ya Sharifo .. fe3lan elwa7ad ba66al y7ess belwa2et !

Thanks for all those wishes marra wa7deh :) .. o kol 3am o enta be alf khair ya rab o yen3ad 3aleek el3ied welsaneh eljdeedeh belse77a welsalameh ya rab ..

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