Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A day in Damascus ..

Yesterday's afternoon :
-G.M. : Tealover, we have an appointment tomorrow at Damascus , noon time .with a key customer to conduct a presentation of some of our solutions . You are among the team going, be ready .
-Me (Tealover) : Oh ! what! okay!

So , today , I had to wake up early , had breakfast , dressed up , put my high heals boots on (and that was a mistake , I should've gone in tennis shoes !!!) , and was ready at the premises by 8 sharp ! .. Well almost sharp..

It was three of us , and the plan was to go , conduct the presentation and come right back. Boarders were empty , it was really cold , and the horizon was misty , by the time we arrived to Damascus around noon , the atmosphere around looked grey and dirty . Not sure if it was pollution, weather or the effect of both.

After the presentation, we decided to head towards Hamediyeh , and female readers , can imagine how nice and comfy is it to walk it with 7 cm high heals ! Anyway, we went to a restaurant in one of those aisles that one of the colleagues recommended, it was okay. Then headed back to Hamediyeh , and in our way passed by Bikdash , my colleagues had some , I had none , I don't rally like it , and I can't quiet get what people finds in it ! After that , we moved on in our way , all the way back to our car , and headed for Amman. A stop over by the Syrian duty free was a must. Then we headed back to Amman, was there by 9 p.m.

A funny thing that caught my eye at the Syrian boarders, was this sign that was saying in Passports, Private with the women, and that translated to
استلام الجوازات, خاص بالنساء … I wish I could capture it , but it was a bit risky at the boarders building!

Anyway, its good to be back to the warm home again ..

Syrian Candy box



Where we had lunch

From the car
Inside Hamedieyh


Hala said...

Hamdillah 3al salameh! And I TOTALLY know what you mean about the high heeled boots. But at least you looked good walking around in them. :)

Moey said...

food looks sexy

MQabbani said...

oooh i miss Damas so much ... :(

Reem said...

7amdilla 3ala isalameh!! I love damascuss!

red rose said...

nice shots, bediiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aru7 hunak 2na kman :( bedi "kibbeh" plz :)

(Tealover) said...

Thank Hala :) .. Allah ysallmek .. LOL .. yeah walking in Hamediyeh looking all smart and profissional got me a horrible feet pain later ! and welcome to my blog spot :)

Moey ..
I can't really get your comment .. though .. Thanks for passing by !

MQabbani :)
then maybe you should consider a quick visit during weekend !

:)It was crowded and grey yesterday .. however , I liked it better during summer time .. may be you should go for a quick shopping visit too during weekend :) ..

Red Rose

LOL .. I had some kibbeh yesterday .. it tasted good .. I wish we had more time to do rounds in Sal7iyeh and 7amra .. but holding our business bags ,and me wearing the heals :( and having to go back to Amman around same day , made it impossible !

kerr said...

Do yo uknow I have never been to Damascus? Many people tell me that it has many similarities with Nablus :D?
Even the people have the same behvior?!

Any how, I will some day "Insha'Allah visit. I heard the food is great ther. The pictures of the food looks "Yummy"

Jumana said...

Nothing compares to Damas..

Summer said...

Danah, that was a nice short trip there!! i am glad you took those pics, i love pictures! hope all is well.
for some reason i am having trouble signing in to blogspot!!

(Tealover) said...

Well Kerr :) it's much much bigger than Nablus .. but I assume they refer to the old "7arat" as well as souq el7amediyeh to khan of Nablus .. yet the khan is much smaller than hamediyeh :) ..
I hope you'll visit it one day inshallah ! and their food is YUMMY for sure ;).

:) Jumana .. welcome in here .. I have the feeling that you are away from Damas & its your home twon .. I hope you'l get to visit it soon !

Thanks Summer :) !yeah I am glad I did it and that took the camera with me ..and you're name shows :) blogger gets nutty sometimes .. hope you're enjoying your stay in Amman ..

Zeid said...


did you get the chance to see this sign at the borders? :)

Moey said...

I mean the food looks tasty, nice = sexy!

(Tealover) said...

LOL Zeid :) .. nope I did not pay attention to that one !!! but how on earth where you able to take that shot ? no one questioned you ??

Ahha Moey! .. their food is surely tasty , yummy and served in a nice manner for sure :)

Tamara said...


I'll give you a tip I use, take comfy shoes with you in a bag : ) and change after the event no one will notice what you have in a closed plastic bag ; p

(Tealover) said...

Oh Tamara .. I was so much in pain that I seriouslt considered buying my self a piece of silpper while walking in Hamediyeh souq ! .. but after having lunch , I felt okay and the pain attacj started right after that in our way back to take a taxi ! .. and I thought its a matter of half an hour and we'll be in the car ! .. but this is a very good idea .. I guess i'l do so for next /visits and events :) !