Monday, January 15, 2007

5 Things that you may (not) be very interested to know about me ..

I have been away from blogging and blogs for a while now, I am not able to read my favorite , regular blogs , nor check on them . you will have to excuse me guys for that , I really miss reading it all and catching up with every blog, but I might still need more time . add to that , I haven't been posting anything for sometime. It happens I guess .

So, I've been tagged twice, first time by Summer and second time by Tamara , to tell five things about me that you do not know ..

Hmmm.. this should be easy , since technically , no one reads for me knows me personally , well , okay , some might know me from work , and some might be my friends in real life , but the majority , do not know me in person . So, let's see:

I am intimidated by public speaking, especially in front of a group that is over 6 people of total strangers! I fear it to the maximum limits! I once had this workshop, the group consisted of 20 people and the workshop lasted for 2 days, one exercise was to stand in front of the U-shaped table and explain something on the white board. I was fine, until I realized that I'll be speaking in a loud voice in front of twenty something people whom I've just met! And, I'll spare you the details of my utter embarrassment, or I might just share it in another post one day!

2. Everybody seemed to mention the food and fruits they hate, and my share of that would be Eggplants and Guava, still, I like Baba ghanouj and Guava juice! And since we are still on food, I eat "7elbeh" and I do not find it gross! I bit many people will find this weird , most people I know hates it !

3. When I become passionate about something or someone, I just become "passionate" and I give it all my energies and resources, because I end up believing in this something or someone, but the bad part about that is, I am never patient enough to wait for results, I always unconsciously demand or expect fast results, whether at work on in my life, and I have to admit, that one should be patient and sometimes I lack this asset.

4. I am a hopeless case when it comes to singing a song with the its right words ! I can mumble my lips with what seems like its words, I could get a couple of words right, but the actual lyrics, never. And I'd end up making up a word to fit in instead of the real one, and sometimes a whole line ..

5. I over analyze things, and I am "the mother of assumptions" as a dear friend of mine calls me. There are things or situations that I would go over and over and over in my mind to an exhausting limit (makes me sound paranoid .. eah!) I assume all the time, and the annoying part is that; I believe my assumptions! And adjust myself to them before even the situation happens, very bad.. Yeah I know..

So, here I have shared a piece of my personality, not very cute, but true. And look at that , I thought I had nothing to write about , and I ended up with a medium sized post !

I will leave the tagging chain end here on this part though :) .. But whomever feels like sharing their "private 5 things", is always welcome to write them down.


red rose said...

I share you number 1 & 3..I like being frank there ;)

Tamara said...

Thanks Danah for answering the tag : )

I hope this will break the cycle of absence from the blogosphere, and that you will come back with full blast.

I share with you number 5, sort off I do over analyze but this helps me deal better with things when they actually happen.

Summer said...

Danah, Thanks for sharing this with all of your readers...nice points you have!! good luck in public speaking in front an audiance!!

kinzi said...

Hi Danah! Great post! I think you will find, with time and experience, that some of the frustrations you have with your life navigational style will prove strengths, not weaknesses!

(Tealover) said...

You too fear public speaking ? it is scary !! right Red rose ! but many people fear it , still do it all the time .. I should be able to one day !

Hey Tamara .. anytime :).. over analyzing could be good because i feel it gives me a lab. environment to test how things will be before happening .. but sometimes over doing it is not that good , things sometimes should be left alone to surprise you ( I don't really like surprises though !)

You're Welcome Summer :) and thank you for tagging me .. and thanks for the wishes , I need it !

Kinzi :)Welcome to my corner .. and thanks for the nice words .. and I surely hope you're right about how weaknesses will turn out to be strengths , I hope I can over come my public speaking fear one day !

Maqsood Qureshi said...


abu_shakuush said...

i was like with with "public speaking" now i can not keep my mouth SHUT, i am always talking and talking, i talk to myself when i have no one to talk too :-), and yes i talk with the TV sometimes too :-)

(Tealover) said...

LOL Abu Shakuush :) ..well .. guess what , I talk with myself when I am driving my car , analyzing things :D .. and sometimes when I am looking at the mirror .. and I am talkative with my friends , and even loud sometimes , but when I am put in front of a crowd i don't know .. i simply panic!!! .. though its good to know that even guys talk to themselves , thought it was a girl's quirk only ;)