Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Morning race ... RUN !!!!!!

You open your eyes slowly, letting the sunshine penetrate into you. You're feeling extra comfy this morning. And while you are still enjoying the warmth while tucked in under those warm sheets, stretching your arm to the table next to your bed, grabbing your mobile to check on time, and then as if a bee has just stung you, you jump out of your bed, you are LATE!!!!!!!!!

So, you have over slept, snoozed your mobile's alarm several times , and when you finally decided to wake up , its just late , you have about 20 minutes to get dressed , have breakfast , and then 5 minutes to fly to work . You discover that you can, go to toilet, iron and slip into your cloths, do your hair, grab your breakfast, and brush your teeth in 20 minutes. And then you run to the garage storming out with your car.
Great !!! traffic today is working against you , everybody seems to be taking a pleasant "drive" this morning , doing some sight-seeing in their way to work , and not going over 30km/hr. and you are trying to by pass them , but it is a bit hard . Your first traffic light, and the line of cars is WAY too long , and you start thinking that they should find a solution for this annoying daily jam on that traffic , and you start day dreaming that your car will convert to a grindizer , and start jumping between cars or flying in the sky to reach work , and you smile with frustration at the thought.
You have less than 5 minutes left! So traffic light is green, Thanks God!! and you think that your way will be open above that bridge , and you'll sprint between cars , to be stopped by big trucks this time , where the hell did they came from !!!! Aren't those huge vehicles supposed to stay parked until evening time! So, you are slowed down again , day dreaming again , about having a huge car with rubber side contours to push other cars from your way , just like that car game you used to play in the entertainment park when you were a kid. Back to reality and start trying to maneuver your way to by pass those monstrous vehicles , and racing with time .

And you finally there, one minute late, its an achievement!!! To be at work after 25 minutes from your wake up time and still manage not to look as if you jumped out of bed to your desk .

Time to relax, have your morning Nescafe, and making another promise to yourself, you will never wake up late .. again !


Tamara said...


Your morning was the opposite of mine, I had time to wake up, take a warm shower ( some how thought it will help ease the inflammation of my through !) fill air into my tires and get to work on time : )

I hope your day will be much better than how it started out to be : )

Maqsood Qureshi said...

Hmm . . . You'd write fiction girl!

Sharifo said...

masake kheir...
I did it in 30 so you broke my record..lazem ashofle eishi at25ar 3ano !!


nido said...

i read your posts regularly, but never commented...i enjoy the way you describe your actions! so funny...hope it was a pleasant day after all:)

(Tealover) said...

Tamara .. what can I say .. Neyalek !!!!! :).. I just happen to go through this phase that I am unable to wake up on time lately .. but I know how calm early mornings can be soothing and a lovely start for the day ! :)

me .. fiction ?! naaa .. never thought I do or could .. thanks for passing by my blog maqsood :)

LOL .. so you're keeping a record for this sharifo !!!I am telling you .. it needs practis to reach this record ;)

Nido :).. I am so honored that you enjoy my posts .. the day was okay .. and today is another day .. hope it'll turn out better than fine !.. thank you for your comment ..

Mala2e6 said...


awwal shi missed you..second..cars seem to be moving slowly whe u r in a hurry..but seem too quick when u r just out for a drive...yesterday i was driving singing and smiling and i found out that it is contagious.others started smiling too/( yemkin bed7ako 3alay..akeed bed7ako 3alay) but it felt good..just driving around spreading smiles all over amman

Ramroom said...

HI there,

When I wake up late I just dont bother to rush! because if I rush myself in the mornings I end up having the most rediculous annoying bad mood EVER.. I relax... met2akhri met2akhri.. so I take my time... the good thing is that your work is probably close to your home.. because where I live (Dubai) you would be lucky LUCKY if you live atleast 30 minutes away from work...

Glad you made it :) and nice blog :)

Ramroom said...

I just remembered " RUN FORREST RUN!"

(Tealover) said...

:) Mala2e6 .. Thank you sweets .. and I miss being around as before .
I think you're absolutely right :) .. I usually wear a serene smile face , but sometimes , when I am late I feel abit pissed off .. and you're right , seeing someone driving , smiling and singing is contagious :) ..

Ahlan Ramroom :) well .. you know what .. that is exactly what I did the next day when I woke up LATE again .. I just don't know what's wrong with me , I am unable to have enough sleep lately .. and yeah oltelk .. met3akhri met2akhri .. then take it easy and take your time.
now about the traffic .. well , its my good luck that these days schools and universities are in holiday which is why no traffic jam , but usually , the drive which take about 7 minutes , would take me near 25-30 minutes in morning rush hour ! .. and one more thing .. I love that movie :)

S.N. said...

You have a very interesting blog :)
Keep updating!

The Mo said...

Ya bayeh sho innoh nafs el mawqef ma3i kol youm mn wa2t ma balasht shoghol lal youm, bas the only difference is that I'm not 1 minute late, I m always at least 30 - 90 mins late :S

Nice post :D

someone with an attitude said...

I hope you don’t mind asking about your birth date. We are studying how that affects the bloger’s personality.

Summer said...

Danah, sorry i am late in commenting, i read your post when you had it first published but did not have time to comment...again, i am here and i read it, just wanted to say hi and have a great friday!

(Tealover) said...

Thanks s.n. :) for the nice comment .. I will surely be dropping by yours soon inshallah .

The mo this happens with me too :) ..I think it has to do with genes ..!

someone with an attitude .. sure ..its on mid of September , where is that study published though ? sounds interesting to read ..

Summer :) .. Never worry about that , I know you do , and you're welcome here anytime .. thank you for dropping by :)

someone with an attitude said...

I will let you know

(Tealover) said...

Great , thanks ! .. sounds interesting !