Friday, February 02, 2007

Going to Cairo ..

I have finished packing my suitcase a while ago. I tried to limit myself with cloths I am taking, but winter cloths are heavy! and I am trying to imagine how am I going to handle my suitcase , my purse , the laptop and the brochures bag . Use your fertile imagination to picture a tiny person buried under all of those bags and struggling her way to the checkout point!

So, why Cairo ? It's definitely not for leisure (I wish if it was though), it’s a business trip, and the schedule so far seems loaded. I will spare you the headache I am living lately, and wont blabber about the goals and the preparations for this visit, however part of it will be exhibiting our products in Cairo ICT. I still hope that we'll have sometime to tour around and see some of Cairo's features; it would be such a pity to reach it and not visit its famous places.

I just wish if I don't worry this much when traveling is involved in any plan. I think I have some sort of a pre-traveling phobia. My mother traveled today to visit her hometown , tomorrow's morning it will be me , and around noon time my brother will also take off to another destination . I know this is normal in many houses around this glob, but it feels a bit new to our house, to have three members out of country, leaving the other three handling their business on their own.

I am scheduled to be back by Wednesday, and as weather news says, snow is expected in Amman that day. I have this tiny evil wish that it would snow after I arrive, so that I won't have to go to work the very next day, because we have another business trip scheduled to Damascus, and I feel exhausted already by the mere reminder of it!


nido said...

I hope you enjoy time there:) and your family is becoming a new member of "Ibn Battoota" club ;) be safe...

(Tealover) said...

Thanks Nido :) .. I hope so .. and apparently , we have joined the club .. thanks again for the lovely comment :)

Summer said...

Danah, I officially welcome you and your family to the Ibin Battoutah travel club...i am an old member there as you know and i take over the welcoming committee!!! enjoy your time in Cairo...make sure that you go and have lunch or dinner at the fishmarket at Al Giza, above TGI not eat too many greens there..not very clean and not recommended on your first time in Cairo! Stick to bread and cheese!! although you are going there for business but i am sure you will have some time for fun! For shopping, go to city stars mall, nice, modern and clean!! Bissalameh!

Sharifo said...

Egypt in's just great..I now it a bussines trip, but if you have enough time..just walk..kinda of sure u'll like it


e-nadaha said...

LET'S meet ya danah..
masr nawaret..ya dear sis..

Tamara said...


you just picked the perfect season to go to Egypt, enjoy : ) you know the day is for buisnes but after hours its your time, shopping is great in Cairo : p

We are waiting for tons of photos ; )

Anonymous said...

i will pray 4 snow, so you do not have 2 work :-)

7ala said...

Hi Dandosh , hope u r enjoying your time in Cairo ya 3sl :)

(Tealover) said...

LOL Summer :) .. apparently where are the new members on that club ..
It was a great trip ! :) I saw bits and peaces of Cairo , but I loved so many things there , mostly its people .. I will be posting about that really soon inshallah.

Sharifo :)Egypt in winter is just perfect .. I loved it ! the weather is warm , and people makes it even warmer .. work was hectic , but I enjoyed every minute I spent there :).. thanks Sharifo :)

Rashaaaa :) I wished if I could , I read your comment while I was there , but I had no hand with my own time . We stayed in the exhibition till 8 and after that we moved as a group , I will blog all about my trip :) and one thing for sure is , people is lovely with its simple , warm hearted ppl :)I really loved it .. and will come back inshallah for a longer "vacation " visit.

YESSSS Tamara :) perfect season indeed , lovely weather but work picked it , not me , however , I figured this weather is the perfect time to have a vacation and go to Egypt , a plan is cooking inside my head :D .. lol ! did not have much time to shop :) next time inshallah .

Abu Shakuush
Looks like you were not that sincere with your prayers ;) .. its freezing with a cloudy sky here in Amman , but no Snow !So , I'll be heading in a short one day trip tomorrow to Damascus ... eah .. work work work ..

7ala ya 2amar :)I did enjoy it to the max , it turned out to be a good relaxation business trip rather than a stressful one , despite the long hours , late sleep and work !

Anonymous said...

salmili 3al sham :)

Tamara said...

el7mad lilah 3ala elsalameh : ) waiting for photos and impressions

(Tealover) said...

Gardenia :) .. elsham betsallem 3aleeky .. it was a short one day trip , yet I enjoyed it alot .. and we had good food in an old arabic restaurant house called "elkhawali" !.. it was perfect.

Tamara :) thanks sweets .. Allah ysallmek ya rab .. did not take a lot of good photos .. but , you can read about my imprissions now ;)

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