Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dull philosophical thoughts

How often do you say to yourself , when eating a delicious sweet in a pastries shop or a café , that if you owned this place you would never pass a day without having a piece of that delicious sweet you order almost every time you go into that café . Your tongue never gets tired of having the sugary taste sending pleasures of yummy signals to your brains making you feel all high and content? and then , here comes a time when you are there feeling like trying something different for a change , and suddenly , that pastries shop is out of all kinds but your sweet , but the problem is , you don't really feel like having it this time , yet you have it , simply because there is nothing else , it may still taste as good . But it also may taste less than usual , simply because you are out of options , and this is your only choice.

Same thing applies to life, whether it’s a person, a hobby or a job, whom or which you dearly care for and cherish, once you get over dosed with any of those, you probably will feel the need for some space, an open window where you can see another view , exhale some fresh air, and acknowledge the presence of other things in life other that what you have been destined to see for a good amount of time. Okay, I admit that I might have got carried away with trying to find resemblance between a piece of yummy pastry and other vital life issues, and I know that many wont probably agree with me putting people, hobbies and work all at the same rank, but maybe, if you looked at it from different angle and wear a different shoe – similar to mine - then maybe, you could see some rightness with my point of view ,( or it could be that I should find a better pair of shoes ! )

Do we hold affection for the people and devotion for the things we always cared for forever? Or do we pass through times where we loose that affection and devotion and feel surprisingly chocked with its magnitude? I mean, sometimes, caring for something or someone deeply and continually, can blind us from other things around us, especially if that thing or one is totally consuming, where you point all your efforts towards building, maintaining and keeping it. And it all evolves around it , where you have no choice to look for other "it(
s)" around . But aren’t you entitled for a break? Where you can recover your breath, and forget all about forcing your whole-self to one thing? or does this analogy sound vague and a bit selfish ? I cannot quite decide.

I don't know, this could be a late night hallucination, a dull philosophical random thoughts, or a side effect of excessive and long work hours , that I might feel like crossing once I sober of this weird phase I am going through. But it does feel good to spill few thoughts out, I have not done it for a while, and now I can feel all good and comfy for letting out those cranky thoughts out of my head.


and life goes on... said...

That's why I believe that a person should never get involved way too much... and should definitely avoid what some people do- to make his universe revolve around just one person or thing!

nido said...

your pair of shoes are perfect! Don't change them...they are the right ones, and routine kills! I worked at Villa Toscana's kitchen, and believe it or not, I got bored of the sweet desserts they serve after a while! Also, this is why I keep jumping from one job to another;) I enjoy taking breaks every now and then...keep letting it out Danah..

Anonymous said...

nice and expressive post nido said...your pair of shoes are perfect

Abed Hamdan said...

We agree here with extent!

overdosed emotions with people have counter effect!!

sharifo said...

Well..for me some stuff i wish i could have and live it forever, but no doubt sometimes I need some space to see if I really want this wish to be real !!
sounds selfish,
Great post

Summer said...

Wow...really deep Danah!!

(Tealover) said...

True Dima .. exactly what I thought .. add to that if you kept all your efforts towards this one thing , and suddenly lost it .. you'll feel a tremendous wave of emptiness !

LOL :) I guess I have no other choice than keep them for the mean time nido :) .. I am the contrary of you though , I like to stick in one place for a long time as long as I feel comfy in it .. but after thinking :) your way sound more fun , trying a new thing and meeting new people everytime ..

Gardenia :) been awhile since I saw you here .. glad you're ok .. thank you for the sweet comment ..

Yes has a negative effect ,even relations and obsessions with things.. glad we agree :)..

This is the way I feel Sharifo .. I guess we both feel a bit confused about this .. Thank you :).

LOL Summer :) .. I guess I had few issues deep inside that needed to swim up to the surface .. Thanks for commenting :) and for always checking on my blog :)

ArabLady said...

"or does this analogy sound vague and a bit selfish ? I cannot quite decide"

well its neither vague nor selfish Dana. Whats the harm in being selfish a bit. Ppl tend to forget that we need our own space, rethink about, and reevaluate our relationships with them…

I liked the first comment & its very true
“should definitely avoid what some people do- to make his universe revolve around just one person or thing!”

It just made me realize many things !

أكتب بالرصاص said...

thank you very much ....
but u made me so hangeryyyy..and need some sweets .!

thanks again'

(Tealover) said...

I agree with you Hiba and with the first commenter Dima . one life should not allow his world to revolve around one thing or person .. and you know .. being selfish sometimes is good .. gives you some peace of mind ..

I guess the sweets example triggered your appetite Tamer :)

nido said...

You have been tagged by nido, check her blog ;)

Anonymous said...

weanek Dana?

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