Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thoughts on Cairo Trip ..

"First , a little note , I would like to thank you all for dropping by my blog , and asking about me , I am fine , and I miss all of you , and I miss reading and communicating with you and commenting on those thoughts you leave on your blog sites . My “lame” excuse is work, and I think this will last for a while. But hopefully, I will manage to escape the load every now and then ( like today) and post something and check some blogs . Also , I would like to post a special thanks to the caller (Rasha ) for her kind idea of meeting while I am in Cairo , which unfortunately did not work out , due to the short time , however , I hope it will work out in the coming trips , inshallah :). "
“Its way after midnight , and I am sitting on my bed in my hotel room , I can hardly keep my eyes open , or my lips from drawing that content smile on my face . Today was our final full day here in Cairo, tomorrow, we will be heading back to Amman, and despite the fact that those past three days and half were
extremely loaded with work , yet , I had a tiny chance to check out some parts of Cairo , mostly being in the car moving from one place to another , but I had a chance to go and set at Alfishwaie coffee place . One idea was running in my mind the whole time that I should come back here, for a vacation. I simply envy the people of Egypt on their transparent funny lovable spirit. You simply cannot feel anything for them except love them, and feel like coming back, despite the huge traffic problem they have, but that is a minor reason that wont stop me from going there again, since everything there makes me feel like coming back.
I can hardly keep my eyes open, I should get some sleep and I’ll write more later
That was one of those random diary style paragraphs that I typed during my stay in Cairo. It’s been almost a week now since I got back. Still, I carry the memory of that short trip with me. We headed to Cairo Airport last Saturday, that’s about ten days ago, and the overall feeling I had back then was being anxious and worrying about several business meetings I planned and wished that will go just fine , having some management personnel with me , made me stress over the visit , because I wanted things to go perfect . However, the minute we landed, and headed to our hotel , things started to feel good .

The three days we spent where full in exhibition (Cairo ICT) activities from early morning till around 8 p.m. at night , but it gave me a slight idea of a country I’ve never been to before , yet always dreamed of visiting ever since I was a little kid , since I grew up reading for a lot of Egyptian authors, in so many parts of literature , like Najib Mahfouz, Yousef Alsebaei, Ihssan Abdalqouddous , the series of Rajol almosta7eel , Malaf almostaqbal and ma wara2 altabee3a , add to that “alghaz, which where very popular when I was a kind and teenager “, so it was always a dream to pass by and be around places like Helioplois , Maadi , Down town Cairo , Khan alkhalili , Alqobba square (Midan 7adae’q Alqobba) , the river Nile, pyramids ( I only saw them from a distance , but I will come back for all the Pharaoh ruins again ) as well as the Smart city (very neat !!!) And many other places.. Everything was so lovely in a dreamy way. I did not get to shop though, only passed for a fast food pickup , by a big mall called city stars , but there was no time at all for shopping .

I met wonderful people during this trip, the partners who has hosted us, there is always something nice in meeting someone you always knew through the phone for business, and then meeting him/her for real . You have already broke some of the ice , having dealt before , but the actual meeting always add to the relation and strengthen it in a good way .
The Egyptians are definitely a warm nation, loving and always open for guests. and I also came to knew they have a big thing for the Levant people “ahel Belad elsham” .. lol:). Its funny when dialects between us cross, and we start trying to explain what do we meant by this or that. But also, I have learned that Egyptians are workaholics! most of whom I met , worked day and night , and saw their families during weekends only . Or this might be restricted to the sector that I am in , which has to do with telecommunication and IT .

All in all , I am planning to visit it again inshallah , if things went fine with business , then there is a good chance to have another short business trip , but I have already set my mind to come again for vacation , tour around , and enjoy the lovely spirit of that ancient country .


Summer said...

Nice to read from you Danah, although you are busy, but this is nice of you to post something about cairo.
i am leaving on sunday to go to cairo for a week time, it should be fun and for sure you will read from me and i will post my photo album on my blog too!!!! have a great night!

Qwaider قويدر said...

Wow! So that's where you've been hiding :)

It's good to see you're posting again ... it's been a while

Mala2e6 said...

7amdella 3ala salamtek amd welcome back

I really missed you around and i had an idea you were away but i had no excuse at all not to pass by ur blog,forgive me danah,ana m2assreh ma3ek kteer..

cairo is beautiful i have visited it long time ago and looking forward to go again

the pyramids are spectacular,they blew me away,i never thought they are this big untill i saw them and brochures can never give the right idea of how humongous and magnificiant they are

i am gald you enjoyed your visit and once again nawarti il 2ordon

nido said...

Welcome back Danah:) I'm so glad you spent a good time there, meeting nice Egyption people:) me too, I really would like to go tour Egypt one day, I always hear about how nice it is there...7amdillah 3assalameh again:)

(Tealover) said...

Thanks Summer :).. I did not get as many and as good photos as I wanted .. but I definitely had a good time . I hope you will enjoy your time in Cairo .

Yeah :) .. wallahe buried ya Samer .. I hope I'll be able to come back and show up more often soon.

Allah ysallmek ya rab Mala2e6 :) ..I missed you too .. and don't even worry about it , this is the case with everyone , each one of us gets busy and buried with work, life sometimes ..
Cairo is beautiful indeed , but mostly with the spirit of its people.. I wish I'll be able to see more of it in my next visit inshallah :).. welblad mnawreh feeky dayman :)ya meet ahla o sahla ..

Thanks nido :) I had good time there 7amdellah .. and I encourage you to go there , it s a beautiful loving country/people .. but try to make it on a winter time :) .. Allah ysallmek ya rab

Tamara said...

El7amd lilah 3ala salamtek : ) sorry I did not come by sooner, glad you enjoyed the visit and I hope you get to go there gain : )

(Tealover) said...

Allah ysallmek ya rab :) .. I did indeed .. thank you :)

Abed Hamdan said...

Hi DanaTeaLover

keefek sho a5barek ?? nsha2allah b5air ?? long time no see :)

e-nadaha said...

How lazy i've been?!!
great post ya danah
Welcome b ack and you've been really missed :)
oo ana a2ool masr kanet mnawara zeyada ayam el ict leeh :D
i would've loved to meet u..and show u around cairo and alex too..but next time inshallah.
Don't know..but i feel happy when people visit cairo and like the places i love the was alfishawe?
best tea ever..despite the tea pot :P
glad u liked it dear and i hope i read from u soon..
may allah bless u :)

Summer said...

Wainek ya danah?? too busy to blog?

(Tealover) said...

Ahlaaaaan Abed :) , I am okay , and how are you ? thank you for passing by .. yeah I know , we all go through the phase .. hopefully wont last for long.

:) Thanks Rasha , hiya Masr dayman malana noor be ahleha eltayebeen .Fishawie was great ! the whole Khan elkhalili visit was nice , made me feel like reliving one of those novels I always read as a teenager . I hope I'll get to meet with you on the next trip inshallah.

Hey Summer :) .. you made me feel like a lazy student that is not doing her homework :), and surprisingly , a couple of thoughts has formed after being cooked , the outcomes is not pleasant though , I posted something , but ?I have a feeling its hideous .. anyway , thank you for passing by :).