Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tagged by .. Nido :)

So the tag this time includes more personal questions, but the type fun to answer...

* After you die (----) what's going to happen to your e-mail?
- Will die with me I suppose , I hope no one will peak on it , TOP SECRET contents .. lol !

* Have you ever given your password to anyone?
- Can't remember I did, but for work domain, yes of course ..

* What kind of a relationship you have with those?
- To give my work domain password .. They definitely have to be colleagues .

* Your name?
- Danah

* Your age?
- 26

* Your horoscope?
- Virgo.

* Education?
- Chemistry B Sc. , but my work is not related to my study AT ALL , I work in a sector related to technology and telecommunication.

* What kind of personality do you have?
- I am a clam person in general, and shy, however, with friends I get loud and fun, I love laughing. I hate hurting people's feelings and I myself can be hurt easily.

* Define traveling.
- I am not sure , every time I travel I gain an extra experience , but also , preparing for a trip kind of stresses me !

* What's your mood?
- Depends, I am usually an easy going person, but I have my bad "do not even dare talk to me" days ..

* What do you do in your spare time?
- Gym, friend's hangouts,sitting with family , reading, TV , internet , walks around the block.

* Favourite food?
- Mlokhiyeh , Beef Stroganoff , My mother's Chinese and pastries .. Actually ..Everything Mom makes.

* Things you inherited from your father?
- His good heart, love for knowledge, and occasional bad temper.

* Things you inherited from your mother?
- Her warmth, kind heart and innocence, and I hope her good cooking!

* 6 things you hate?
- here are they randomly : Deadlines and getting stressed about them , gaining weight and not being able to control it , dirty mouth people, liars and deceivers , a family obligation after a LONG day at work on a work night , me when I have the blues !

* 6 things you love?
- My family, my friends, my work (most of the time), my hair, my books and honesty .

* Define work.
- Although I whine about it sometimes, but since graduation (that is 5 years ago) I never stopped working.. I like to work , especially when challenging my capabilities. Things I always thought I'd never be able to do , yet I face it and do it .. Add to that traveling included .. lol

* Define computer and Internet.
- Without them a big part of my life won't exist.

Thanks nido :) .. that was a lovely break from serious posts ..


Anonymous said...

did you say you like mlokhea, i well that stuff, they should give the Nobel prize for the guy how discoverd that green stuff :-)

(Tealover) said...

Yeah :) .. I like Mlokhiyeh the most between all the green stuff that can be cooked ..

Tamara said...


I missed your blog so much ..actually I missed life ! but I'm back from the dead ; ) I agree on hating family obligations on a work night ...grrrr