Thursday, March 22, 2007

Blogging from .. Beirut !

Country : Lebanon – Beirut.
Blogging from : the Hotel Room .
Time : Almost midnight.

This past two weeks were out of my usual serene calm world I’ve always knew, mostly loud , hectic and so little rest or sleep.

I have arrived from Cairo on Friday, spent Tuesday in Damascus for two business meetings, and right now , I am in Beirut !!!!

I still cannot believe that all of this moving around is real. Me being in three different countries, in less than one week! Actually, if I extended the week into ten days , then they’ll be five countries !

I am suffering sleep deprivation, ongoing stress, God knows how many deadlines have to be met and follow up actions required , however the worst part of all is I barely see my family or my friends , I feel totally disconnected from the life I know . however , along with all of the above , a part of me is enjoying the adventure that comes with being in a different place every now and then .

The flight was quick and smooth; my neighbor was a Lebanese man, offering free information about Lebanon. I was planning to take a short nap during the flight, however, with the ongoing shouts & giggles of the young passengers sitting in front of me, and my friendly and talkative neighbor , my nap plan went down the drain.

I am supposed to wake up early tomorrow, we have one meeting , and then we are catching the afternoon flight back to Amman , which wont give us any chance to tour around . to tell you the truth I kind of hope to miss the afternoon plane and go for the night plane , to look around during the evening, but the idea of rolling my bag in the streets of Beirut is a bit unpleasant . I kind of feel disappointed a bit , thinking that I am in here Beirut , yet unable to see any of its places. But I guess I will have to come back on a vacation sometime.

I am starting to see numbers and pillows flying around the room , a side effect of sleep deprivation and a clear sign that tells me its time to sleep . So , I’ll hit the bed , and I shall be posting updates soon.


Summer said...

El Hamdulillah 3ala essalameh Danah! hope you will come back again to beirut and we can spend more time together. it was nice meeting you today...hope to see you again soon.

(Tealover) said...

Thanks Summer .. Allah ysallmek ya rab :) ..I am planning to inshallah , but it should be for a vacation next time inshallah . It was definitely a pleasure meeting with you as well today , I am glad it worked out ! and I hope to see you again as well :) .. Thanks again for all your kindness and sweetness .

nido said...

Wow! so you really made it and met Summer:)!! Wish you all the best Danah, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your trips:) keep us updated:)

Tamara said...


I know what you are talking about, I just came back from Damascus, its a bummer being stuck in meetings and hotel rooms when there is a fun town to see, hope you get home safe and good luck with work : )

LotusGem said...

Hey TeaLover, no time no comment.

You've been tagged.

Check here

ArabLady said...

being busy is GOOD!

Tamara said...


Its been too long ! hope you are well ...we miss you : )

Summer said...

Danah, where are you?? hope all is going well for you..send us a sign that you are ok! :)

(Tealover) said...

First , guys I am sorry for my late reply :) ..

nido Yes I made it and I met her .. she is such a wonderful lady , it was a short meeting , however , next time I get there we shall meet for longer inshallah :) .

Tamara It is a bummer :S .. Gosh I never knew that its going to get like that , I thought one would get at least half a day to check the city around .. but that is not the case in most of the times ..

Lotusgem I guess I still haven't answered your TAG :) .. but I am working on it :).

Arablady yeah .. but being TOOOO much busy is exhausting :S .. I need a long break ..

Tamara and Summer Thank you guys for asking:) .. I'm safe and sound .. but running between countries .. I've just blogged today .. :)